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4 min readNov 8, 2023

October 2023 — Issue 29 ( Oct. 1st — Oct. 31st )

In October, we embarked on an exciting journey filled with remarkable events and product enhancements. This month, our focus has been on elevating your experience, and together, we’ve achieved some remarkable milestones. Let’s dive into the highlights.

Strategic Partnerships and Expansion

In October, our CEO, Tony Tang, had a fruitful meeting with Wai Lum Kwok, the Senior Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Global Market, and his fantastic team at Hong Kong FinTech Week. This dynamic interaction has set the stage for a significant development: Ink Finance’s participation in Abu Dhabi FinTech Week, scheduled from November 27th to 30th. Ink Finance, as a trailblazing web3 SaaS company, is set to introduce a paradigm shift to the traditional financial landscape.

The forthcoming debut of Ink Finance in Abu Dhabi holds great promise, as it signifies the dawn of a new era for innovative Web3 solutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our commitment to redefining finance will introduce fresh perspectives, digital advancements, and transformative services. Abu Dhabi FinTech Week provides the perfect stage for Ink Finance to showcase our cutting-edge products and make substantial contributions to the region’s financial evolution.

Community Event

October 23 marked a significant milestone as Ink Finance teamed up with Blockchain Influencer ‘Camille on FinTech’ to unveil an exciting “Watch-to-Earn” initiative. This game-changing campaign from Ink Finance offers followers and community members the chance to earn USDT and INKR scores by watching Camille’s YouTube videos. We’re bridging the gap between web2 and web3 users, making rewards accessible without changing your YouTube routine.

Participation is a breeze — simply connect your wallets to your YouTube accounts. The magic happens when Camille distributes USDT and rewards, requiring participants to use their wallets to collect their earnings from Camille’s DAO on the blockchain. Notably, your performance data remains highly secure, with rewards determined through algorithms, all underpinned by Ink Finance’s robust DAO economic infrastructure.

The “Watch-to-Earn” campaign will span a month, featuring four dynamic phases, offering an exciting opportunity for participants to engage with Ink Finance and earn tangible rewards while relishing top-notch content.

To participate in our Phase 2 “Watch-to-Earn” campaign, please click:

Product Development

Multimedia identity verification support

Last month, our technical team elevated media identity authentication by adding YouTube verification alongside Twitter. Now, DAO creators opting for YouTube verification while establishing a DAO can simply link their YouTube ID. This enhancement fortifies DAOs with versatile identity verification capabilities across various media channels.

Enhanced User Interface & Added Investor List Function

When the fundraising phase concludes, fund administrators can effortlessly download financial details with a single click. This seamless process not only streamlines data acquisition but also unlocks a suite of strategic benefits:

🔹 Investor Data Analysis: Dive deep into your investor base and unlock comprehensive insights, including the total number of investors, geographic distribution, and investment volumes. Creating detailed investor profiles, prevailing trends, and discerning preferences is crucial for tailoring strategies to meet investor needs more effectively.

🔹 Risk Management: Enhance your risk management by analyzing investor address data. For instance, pinpointing areas with concentrated investments allows for the identification and mitigation of potential geopolitical risks associated with specific regions.

🔹 Market Positioning: Tailor services and information for investors across diverse regions, to meet the specific needs of investors across the various regions. Knowledge of investor locations is instrumental for such strategic market positioning.

🔹 Compliance & Reporting: Fulfill regulatory requirements and maintain accurate records with ease with this information.

🔹 Customer Relationship Management: Leverage investor data to enhance customer service, meeting their needs more effectively with this in-depth understanding of investor data to foster stronger customer relationships.

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