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September 2023 — Issue 28 ( Sep. 1st — Sep. 30th

September proved to be a fruitful month for us at Ink Finance. We were honored with an invitation to TOKEN2049 in Singapore, where we engaged in valuable networking with prominent investment institutions and potential cooperation partners. The core functionalities of our products have been developed and are now undergoing technical integration with our ecosystem partners. Let’s dive deeper in the details.


  • Tony Tang was a key speaker on a panel of industry mavens at an event hosted by Jubi and AXIA8 during Token2049, where he delivered a speech titled “Practical Approach to Scaling RWA,” focusing on & Ink Finance. In his inspirational address, Tony underscored INK’s significant Web3 innovations and outlined the strategic positioning of Ink Finance to onboard many Web2 users actively and support the adoption of a massive volume of RWAs.
  • CEO Tony Tang and Co-Founder Camille engaged in networking with G-Rocket, the Hong Kong International Accelerator, where they highlighted and explored potential collaborations in the realm of RWAs.
  • CEO Tony Tang and his team networked with Republic Crypto CEO Graham Friedman, who plans to recommend InkFinance to their core partners for establishing deep business cooperation on RWA.
  • CEO Tony Tang and Co-Founder Camille engaged with Vishal Sacheendran, the Director for MENA/Europe/APAC at Binance. Sacheendran showed great interest in Ink Finance SaaS’s capability to seamlessly connect Web2 and Web3 in the RWA, praising its robust implementation and scalability. He plans to introduce Ink Finance to the Middle East and Government Markets.
  • CEO Tony Tang and his team engaged in networking with top partners: Founder Ramaswamy Lyre and Gitcoin Partner Azeem. They discussed the current state of RWA development and anticipated future trends, having in-depth conversations about the progress of their ongoing cooperation and planning for the next steps and layout.

Community Event

On September 25th, INKER DAO initiated the “Following” event on Ink Finance, deploying incentives to encourage users to actively engage in DAO governance and familiarize themselves with the product features.

We are to share our campaign data! By the event’s end, INKER DAO garnered followers from 1064 wallets on Ink Finance, with nearly 300 wallets casting votes for the proposal.

Product Development

Our team has largely completed the development of four product modules, now in the second round of auditing. We are focusing our development efforts on expanding business, building partnership ecosystems, and integrating technology.

In the past month, INK.HK (Ink Finance’s commercial company) team engaged extensively with our Web2 upstream partner, India’s number one SME loan originator, to deliberate on the business cooperation logic for the SME loan origination business. This collaboration has now entered a deep product interaction and integration phase to broaden our economic operations. After several rounds of meticulous adjustments, we are conducting beta business simulation testing.

For Entertainment and Media, INK.HK have secured a partnership with a listed company that services the #1 global media platform, currently generating US$100M in annual revenue. Following initial discussions on business cooperation, we’ve entered the wallet integration and technical alignment phase.

INK.HK are in the final stages of three-way technical discussions with our licensed asset exchange partner, with implementation underway.

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