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7 min readApr 24, 2023

March of this year has been a highly significant period for the crypto market, with double-digit gains observed across the board. The reasons behind this surge in value are not a mystery, given the busy start to the year that January brought. Ink Finance has been no exception to the trend of heightened activity, with several notable developments taking place over the month.

Let’s see the exciting things that have happened in the last Month!

March 2023 — Issue 22 (2023 2.15–3.31)

Ink Finance Monthly Report

Community Event

Ink Finance joins the exciting Lifeform SuperAvatar II Event

Ink Finance proudly sponsored the Lifeform SuperAvatar II Event, which saw an impressive 74,775 crypto users attend our exclusive events. 4,315 participants took and passed the quiz, and we randomly selected 200 winners to receive INKR awards. This partnership proved a resounding success, greatly expanding Ink Finance’s visibility and attracting more blockchain users to our community.

INKER DAO launched the QUIZ event based on Investment Management Features

To foster a greater understanding of Investment Management among community members, INKER DAO recently launched a quiz event to guide them through investment reports. By encouraging members to read these reports, they were able to gain valuable insights into the features of our investment products and successfully answer the quiz questions. The event was a resounding success, with nearly 200 members participating and gaining a better understanding of the highlights of our products.

INKER DAO launched the INVEST TO EARN event

To commemorate the launch of the Investment Management module on Testnet, INKER DAO introduced the “Invest to Earn” campaign with rewards. As part of this initiative, we launched a fund in collaboration with Ink Finance on Testnet, inviting community members to purchase it and reap its benefits. The campaign proved an excellent opportunity for participants to understand how the Ink Finance investment module operates by actively participating in fund purchases. Close to 100 community members participated in the campaign, providing valuable feedback that has helped us improve the product even further.

Talk to Team

Our “Talk to Team” initiative has been in full swing for nearly six months, with users regularly sharing their concerns and actively engaging with our team every Thursday. We are thrilled with the positive response from the community as engagement levels continue to rise. Our brilliant CEO, Tony Tang, recently addressed user questions, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to providing continuous support.

We remain committed to prioritizing user engagement and ensuring our amazing community feels fully supported. We are confident that Ink Finance will thrive and grow with their continued support.

Marketing and Blog Posts

Ink Finance Partner with Ink Finance

In March, Ink Finance partnered with Lifeform, a leading decentralized Visual Digital Identity (DID) Project that has received investment from Binance labs. As part of our collaboration, we were invited to participate in the Lifeform SuperAvatar II Event, which presented an excellent opportunity to expand our respective brands and showcase our shared commitment to advancing decentralized technologies.

Ink Finance releases upgrade — Investment Management

INK recently released an upgrade to our platform that introduces Investment Management features, empowering any community to swiftly and securely establish an investment group through a DAO. With this upgrade, we are also bridging the gap between the traditional asset management industry and the Web3 world, offering the most straightforward implementation process. This development further reinforces our commitment to providing accessible and innovative investment solutions to all, regardless of their expertise or experience.
Discover more here.

Ink Finance: Identity Verification features released on Testnet

This cutting-edge feature aims to bolster trust and credibility within DAOs, while concurrently adhering to regulatory requirements for seamless DAO operations. Ink Finance drives sustainable growth within the rapidly evolving Web3 financial ecosystem by minimizing compliance risks in global business transactions.
Discover more here.

Ink Finance was recently featured in a video report by Benzinga, a prominent financial news and analysis platform with 142k subscribers. This report helped to bring our project to the attention of retail investors, offering valuable exposure and enabling us to break out of the traditional cycle. We are thrilled to have been recognized by such a respected and influential platform and are confident that this increased exposure will help us to continue to grow and thrive in the months ahead.
Discover more here.

Product Development

Investment Management Released on Testnet

Ink Finance, Investment Management Module, built a policy framework and workflow manager to run funds. Institutions can launch found without code; Efficient collaboration between managers with the investment committee setting up; Maximize risk control with the workflow; Maximize revenue. Retail investors can get more investment funds choices on Ink Finance and Trustless; Improved fund utilization with fund supporting tradeable on the secondary market.

Set up Investment Committee
1. Set up management roles responsible for managing the Fund. These roles will include Fund Administration, Fund Manager, Fund Risk Manager, Fund Liquidator, and Fund Auditor.
2. Propose the establishment of the Investment Committee and put it to a vote on-chain.
3. The proposal will require more than 50% of votes cast to be in favor of its adoption for the Investment Committee to be established on-chain.

Set up Fund
1. The Fund Administration role within our Investment Committee will set the Fundraising goal and establish critical parameters for the Fund, including its investment strategy, target assets, fees, and other relevant metrics.
2. Once these parameters are set, they cannot be changed, ensuring that the Fund operates transparently and consistently according to the established guidelines.
3. The Fund will automatically run according to these parameters, providing our community with a clear understanding of its operations and the performance metrics they can expect. Learn more here

Launch & Start Fund
After Fund Administration sets the Fund’s parameters and fundraising goal, they can launch and start the Fund.

Dissolve Fund
After investors claim their profits and principal, the Fund Administration can dissolve the Fund, returning all investments to the investors.

Allocate Fee
After investors claim their profits and principal, the Fund Administration can dissolve the Fund, returning all investments to the investors.

The Fund Manager can execute distributions during Fund operation if allowed by the Fund Administrator during setup.

If the Fund Manager is unavailable during Fund operations, the Liquidator can take over and liquidate the Fund. We have released several functions, including Set up Fund, Launch & Start Fund, Dissolve Fund, Allocation Fee, Distribute, and Liquidate on our test-net, with more upcoming updates.
Discover more here

Identity Verification Features Released on Testnet

There are three types of identity verification available in Ink Finance, including:

1. Social Media Verification: This feature is specifically for DAO creators and requires social authentication before creating a DAO. This helps to build trust within the DAO community.
2. Biometric Verification: This tool enables DAOs to choose whether to require users to authenticate using biometric verification when issuing funds or performing other activities. This helps DAOs ensure compliance and avoid potential Ponzi schemes.
3. Legal Verification: This feature provides DAOs with a flexible way to require users to authenticate their identity, ensuring that funds are issued in compliance with legal regulations.

We are confident that our Identity Verification features will offer our community increased transparency and security, ensuring INK is a safe and trustworthy platform for all users. Discover more here

Thank you for learning about our recent breakthrough in March. Our rockstar team remains dedicated to working hard and advancing our platform. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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