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5 min readFeb 17, 2023

Let’s see the exciting things that happened in the last Month!

January 2023 — Issue 21 (2023 1.14–2.14)

Community Event

Inker DAO has initiated a series of campaigns on Crew3, an exclusive platform that supports Web3 projects in building a robust community. The campaigns incentivize both crypto and loyal users to contribute to the community. We’re pleased to share that nearly 100 new users have joined Inker DAO’s community and followed our social media accounts. With Crew3’s strong presence and a network of over 1500 companies, Inker DAO aims to leverage this platform to drive engagement, analyze data, and scale our community. As the campaign is still active, our team continues to nurture and fortify our community through Crew3.

Ink Finance Presentation Video on YouTube

The Ink Finance YouTube channel has recently released its latest pitch video presented by Camille Zhang. This video provides viewers with comprehensive information about the project and offers a quick glimpse of the live product functioning on the beta networks. Whether you’re seeking an introduction to the project or are already familiar with Ink Finance, this video has covered you! To watch the video, please click here

International Marketing

  • Decentralized, Not Deregulated — The Future Of DeFi Is Changing Following Onslaught Of Lawsuits And Criminal Investigations

Over the past few months, a slew of lawsuits and investigations have brought crypto platforms and DAOs under increasingly intensifying scrutiny. For all the innovation that DAOs allow, the organizational structure is also being used by some to evade regulation. Commenting on the Genesis case, Former Chief of the SEC’s Office of Internet Enforcement, John Reed Stark, said, “The perilous crypto-ecosystem is a mammoth, opaque and incestuous clandestine marketplace with no transparency, no meaningful regulatory oversight and no consumer protections.”

DAOs, especially in the DeFi space, will likely need to take steps now to prepare for new and varied compliance requirements. That means readiness, flexibility, and adaptability could be vital so the organization can pivot with as little disruption as possible along the path where new regulations form and take effect. DAO toolkits like Ink Finance offer a real plug-and-play solution for maximum flexibility in adaptation, the much-needed integrity components for KYB/KYC, and greatly enhanced security & accountability features that can better protect against hacking while helping compliance. To read the article, please click here…

  • As Stricter Regulations Loom, Ink Finance Can Build DeFi Protocol’s Infrastructure Of Transparent And Compliant Governance

In the wake of the collapse of the world’s third-largest crypto exchange, FTX, the entire centralized crypto finance regime is facing intense scrutiny.

What is particularly alarming is that such heavy-handed regulatory scrutiny is likely to be extended to the DeFi space, as the official language of “just the beginning” suggests. This has brought renewed debate to the tricky question of how to incorporate stronger regulation into a space built on the concept of decentralization and autonomy. DAOs in the DeFi space might need to be ready for adaptation to new compliance requirements at a moment’s notice. To read the article, please click here…

Blog Post

Navigating Voting Mechanism to effective Governance for DAOs

This article takes an in-depth look at the common issues in voting mechanisms of DAO governance and how INK is addressing them through innovative design to create more effective and fair mechanisms.

Inksight 7: Featured Guest: Sakhib Waseem

Building A Compliance Layer to Meet Regulators– an interview with Astra Protocol CIO, Sakhib Waseem

Product Development

The following functions are updated on INK’s development network:

  • The Quick Launch function is now available for board members to set themselves up for all roles necessary for their investment committee. The functional roles include Fund Administrator, Fund Manager, Fund Risk Manager, Fund Liquidator, and Fund Auditor. With this functionality, board members can promptly and efficiently establish their investment fund with all the essential roles.
  • After the fund admin launches a fund, any qualified user/ DAO member ( who meets the identity requirements) can invest in this fund on-chain. They can also check the funds’ details, adding funds until it reaches the minimum amount to start.
  • The fund administrator can dissolve the fund when a fund fails to raise the minimum amount within the raising period. Investors can collect their money from DAO Activities > Investment > Failed Launch.
  • Fund token issuance: When a fund is tokenized, INK will issue the fund token for this specific fund. Fund tokens are collatable, transferable, and tradable.
  • If the fund allows intermittent distributions, fund managers can send distributions to the investors from time to time. But in this circumstance, this fund cannot be tokenized.

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