Ink Finance Biweekly Report # 20

Highlights of Ink Finance over the past two weeks

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5 min readJan 20, 2023

January 2023 — Issue 20 (2022.12.31–2023.1.13)

The New Year has come, and the Lunar new year is just around the corner! Our rock-star development team is continuously working to bring cutting-edge INK product updates and iterations. Simultaneously our focus will be on BD, product development, and brand promotion in the first half of the new year.

Let’s see what happened in the last two weeks:

Community Event

On December 28th, our Ink Finance Korean community held a successful Reputation Event. We were delighted to welcome an enormous number of new active members to the community, and we were impressed by their engagement and participation in completing social media tasks.

Our INK Korean Community Gleam campaign was a massive success, with over 200 members participating, with 26 members meeting the requirements for the award. A total of 2860 INKR scores were distributed to the winners. Congratulations to all who took part and to the winners!

During the 7th edition of “Talk to Team”, led by Ben, Ink Finance’s community marketing manager. Attendees learned about the unique features that set INK apart, such as:

  • How Ink Finance is currently the only DAO tool that integrates a DAO structure, governance process, and on-chain Defi management.
  • How vital transparency, accountability, and security infrastructure at scale are for a governance ecosystem.
  • As INK expands and the numbers of partners continually increase, feedback from them is continually incorporated into developing new platform features and functions.

Missed the conversation? No worries, the entire discussion is available on our Discord channel: Click here
Don’t miss the next edition of “Talk to Team”. Stay tuned for upcoming dates and topics!

Web3Port Entrepreneur Acceleration Program

We are thrilled to share that Ink Finance is one of 25 finalist startups participating in the Web3Port_Labs Entrepreneur Acceleration program. Out of over 100 applicants, we are honored to join this esteemed group of innovative startups.

The Bootcamp program allows for valuable partnerships and interactions with industry leaders and experts, helping startups to shape their products and reach more users. Additionally, this program aims to provide startups with more opportunities for funding and investment.

We are excited to work with the esteemed co-hosts of the program, Republic, BNB Chain, HashKey Capital, Spark Digital Capital, and GeekCartel, as we strive to bring innovative DAO solutions to the market.

International Marketing

  • Ink Finance Aims To Be the Gold Standard of DAO Financial Management — Here’s What It Does Differently From Other Tools.

Ink Finance is changing the DAO management landscape. This article compares the hottest DAO tools, such as Colony, Snapshot, and, with Ink Finance. As effective as each mentioned tool is for its specific function, the result is that DAOs often need to juggle multiple applications to manage all aspects of their operations. For small DAOs, this is already a cumbersome process, but as an organization scales, the hodgepodge of tools becomes even more unwieldy. For financially minded DAOs, the options get even more limited. Ink Finance offers an intuitive and comprehensive hierarchical system that allows a DAO to form divisions and sub-entities to focus on narrower missions and cope with local regulations.

To read the article, please click here…

Ongoing Business Development

Product Development

During the past two weeks, the Ink Finance development team has released new functions on our devnet as below:

  • Deposit History: All users can check the deposit history in the DAO treasury vault.
  • Create Fund: A fund administrator can set up a fund from Investment Ops for the admin’s DAO.
  • Launch Fund: After the fund is passed by the DAO. The administrator can launch the fund.
  • When the fund is open for investment, DAO users can check the funds’ details, adding funds until it reaches the minimum amount to start. The elected fund administrator is responsible for these operations.

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