True Convenience of “Plug-and-Play” — Ink Finance: For DAOs That Are More Than Social Groups (part4.)


INK’s various available fiscal and financial tools can be used like Lego blocks (plug-and-play) for a DAO that was bootstrapped from a barebone stage.

For example, when the DAO has the need of fundraising, it can set up a Funding Committee with its key managers proposed. Once this new Committee is voted into place, it can issue fundraising products that can directly be purchased by individuals, or exclusively underwritten by an external platform (such as Solv Finance), or be sold to an external investment DAO, or an investment club set up as an internal sub DAO. Another example: when at some later stage one of your DAO’s sub ecosystems wants to do some investment, they can quickly set up a sub DAO with only the Investment Committee, with its managers proposed and voted into position.

In all of these flexible plug-and-play use cases, all operations are transparent, financial accounts (UCVs) are isolated, and all managers with various duties are proposed and voted into their positions. It’s up to the organization to decide what level of identity verification to be imposed on the managers, to assure security and integrity.

INK’s beta version currently for public testing delivers some of the most important DAO management tools. One can see how INK implements the decision-making to execution in a systemic and secure way. When fully developed, INK can support some dynamic plug-and-play use cases:

  • Investment syndicate or clubs:you may not need a DAO treasury, but since your DAO pools members’ funds for investment, you must set up an Investment Committee, which comes with the bare minimum risk management rules that you must implement;


INK is built for the polymorphic Web3 DAOs of the future. No matter how large and diverse the vision of your DAO, you should try Ink Finance as long as it has, or may have, the following characteristics:

  • Long-term strategic goals and need to dynamically evolve and pivot;

INK aims to establish a gold standard of financial DAO construction and operation that will serve the best decentralized organizations, including emerging venture capital and crypto managers and syndicate groups, Web3 protocols, and even traditional institutions such as auction houses, Fortune 500 corporations, and mainstream financial firms. With its highly integrated, professional, and flexible modules of operation and management, Ink Finance will continuously iterate with technological, financial, and regulatory bodies to properly serve the most innovative and ambitious clientele.



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