The QUILL Tokenomics — an In-depth Look at Ink Finance(2)

The QUILL Tokenomics — an In-depth Look at Ink Finance

QUILL is Governance Done Right

QUILL Staking Rewards

Daily Incentive Emissions = 3800 * (0.98⁰.0000005 * Cn) ^ (0.618 * Cn),
Cn is the number of days from its launch to the day of calculation

As aforementioned, a major portion of any rents and fees captured by INK DAO treasury will be used to swap for QUILLs in circulation, which is to be placed on the bottom of the reward emission pool. Consequently, when the initial emission pool is exhausted, the recycled QUILLs will form a new reward emission pool to ensure continuous governance staking. This cycle maintains a “non-inflationary” monetary system that strikes the balance between sufficient utility, liquidity, and the scarcity of QUILL tokens.

The INK DAO Treasury

The fees are adjusted annually according to INK DAO’s voting. INK community members can propose to change the fee parameters, and the entire QUILL holding communities can vote on these proposals, and the INK DAO board will approve. Once the resolutions are formed, they will be automatically executed by smart contracts on-chain.


Based on the design of the business model, the market valuation of QUILL will be realized through three incremental steps:

A. Source of Base Valuation

B. The Value from Ecological Growth

DAO is the core economic carrier in the Web3 era. Almost all Web3 projects will eventually operate in some sort of DAO mode, and the current progress is less than 1%. INK is precisely the tool platform to accelerate this evolution, and gives all QUILL support There is an opportunity to capture the huge market value dividends of Web3 DAO in the future.

C. The Value of Self-adaptivity

For example:

  • Regarding the core operational parameter of minimum facility occupancy and standard fee capture of financial services, INK adjusts through a DAO governance process to adapt to market realities in different environments, so that INK can stay constantly competitive.
  • In terms of fiscal issues such as the expenditure proportion of INK DAO treasury and the swapping of treasury assets for the QUILLs in circulation, sensible and transparent financial operations can be made according to the prevailing market conditions.
  • On the issue of deciding which DAOs can be sponsored to use INK facilities, the community can elect professional managers to make judgment on the prospects of the DAOs in question, in a market-oriented and professional fashion, thereby directly linking these decisions to the interests of the entire community.
  • Individual QUILL holders’ ability to sponsor DAOs and their managers further extends the power of individuals in a decentralized world that truly reflects the unique advantage of Web3.
  • These innovative mechanisms will enable INK platform to achieve sustainable and healthy ecological growth, adapt to the dynamic and challenging market environments, and give the QUILL holder community the greatest opportunity for long term return.

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