The Open Beta of Ink Finance is Online!

Ink Finance beta is live

About the Ink Finance Webapp

The Ink Finance webapp delivers a no-code experience for DAOs to use Ink Finance protocol. This open beta version was released on 19th July, 2022 (UTC) for public test and comment. It encapsulates the most critical functions of the INK Governance Module, the framework of DAO creation and operations (proposing, voting, and treasury management).

You are invited to test the open beta of Ink Finance webapp

Features of the Open Beta

Key features released with this version include:

  • Multi-chain implementation (Avalanche and Ethereum)
  • Identity verification via social media username & account (mock version)
  • DAO creation, with voting parameters and the optional DAO badge
  • Setup of treasury vault and treasury managers (operator, multi-signers, auditor)
  • Management of periodic payrolls and ad hoc one-time payments
  • Management and auditing of income revenues

The user guide to using these features is here

Not included in the Open Beta

  • The INK Economy System, which builds a DAOs’ own staking engine and establishes economic relationship between the DAO and the Ink Finance protocol
  • On-chain issued DeFi products
  • Cross-chain financial governance

System Compatibility

The open beta is compatible with the following computer systems:

  • Desktop & laptop browsers (smartphone and pads are incompatible)
  • Metamask wallet system
  • Avalanche — Fuji testnet and Ethereum testnet

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a multi-chain infrastructure for financial-minded DAOs to construct and operate via a no-code experience, allowing them to issue, settle, and clear Non-fungible Financial Products, through a rigorous, transparent, and accountable process. As a Web3 SaaS, Ink Finance enables DAOs to establish their governance economy and competence, and to empower their growth via financial products.

Learn more about Ink Finance and what we’re building:

Telegram | Announcement | Discord | Twitter Website | Medium |Youtube



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