The Future of Metaverse Financing: Ink Finance Partners with AlterVerse

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4 min readJun 3, 2023


Ink Finance is excited to announce a game-changing partnership with AlterVerse, a pioneering force in the Metaverse gaming industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in embedding decentralized finance (DeFi) directly in the captivating Metaverse ecosystems, paving the way to an era that blends metaverse, decentralization, and credit based finance.

Ink Finance's showroom in AlterVerse

Ink Finance: Reshaping DeFi

As a trailblazer in credit-based DeFi, Ink Finance strives to push the boundaries of financial innovation. Our mission to decentralize financial services and empower community-centered economy drives us to break new ground, creating cutting-edge solutions that redefine the digital world’s financial landscape.

Ink Finance is an on-demand financial management SaaS that enables on-chain organizations to build effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management. Our motto, “Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence,” compels us to create a transparent, responsible, and accountable financial ecosystem.

AlterVerse: Redefining Metaverse Gaming

AlterVerse is a headliner in Metaverse gaming with interconnected worlds, communities, and immersive gaming experiences. Created using Unreal Engine 5.1, AlterVerse stands out with its realistic graphics, intricate design elements, and extensive 3D environments that offer gamers an unforgettable adventure. From constructing homes and shops in the bustling Sky City to battling in the hardcore survival game REKT, AlterVerse is setting the benchmark for the future of gaming in the Metaverse.

A Partnership Forging New Paths

Today, we are proud to join forces with AlterVerse, ushering in a new age of Metaverse financing. Specifically under this partnership, Ink Finance will establish a financial booth within AlterVerse. This space will function as a financial hub where members and players of AlterVerse can connect and conduct microfinance using AlterVerse’s in-game tokens.

Our innovative syndication solution can support the formation of ‘investment clubs’ that provide flexible and well managed financing, which is the main utility of this financial booth. These clubs, formed by players and DeFi investors, are self-governed syndicate DAOs that pool AlterVerse’s in-game tokens to finance vendors or developers within the ecosystem. This initiative is fully supported by INK’s no-code facility, running completely in parallel with AlterVerse’s various activities.

Financializing the Metaverse

By attracting DeFi investors to AlterVerse, we aim to financialize this thriving ecosystem. These investors can finance game vendors using in-game tokens, driving economic activity within the AlterVerse arcade. This unique approach enables financial activities within the Metaverse akin to a financial game, creating an engaging, enjoyable, and profitable environment for all stakeholders.

The Role of QUILL

Ink Finance’s native token, QUILL, is crucial in this partnership. QUILL will serve as a “turn-key” utility that activates the features within the investment clubs. To make sure of zero disruption to AlterVerse’s ecosystem, only the admins of the clubs need to handle QUILLs, while all other members will only use the AlterVerse token for financing activities.

Ensuring Transparency and Security

We understand the importance of transparency and security in financial activities, especially in a new and rapidly growing space like the Metaverse. Therefore, the investment clubs will follow established procedures and operational guidelines, with the support of top-tier 3rd-party facilities like Astra and Fractol to verify the integrity of Committee Managers, if the members choose to adopt these integrity guidelines.

Looking Ahead

Ink Finance and AlterVerse embark on this epic journey with a shared vision of transforming the virtual economy. This partnership signifies a major leap in Metaverse financing and opens the door to endless possibilities in the DeFi and Metaverse ecosystems.

This innovative partnership will drive growth within AlterVerse’s vibrant gaming community, providing them with financial services typically only seen in traditional finance. In turn, our partnership will further enhance the utility of Ink Finance’s services, expanding our reach into the fast-growing Metaverse sector.

Integrating Ink Finance’s financial management capabilities within the AlterVerse environment represents a significant step in our mission to decentralize financial services. It highlights our commitment to providing reliable, transparent, and accessible financial solutions to communities within the DeFi and gaming sectors.

As we progress, we will continue to innovate, explore, and push boundaries, while committed to promoting competence and discovering creditworthiness in the Metaverse sector.

Join us on this exciting and fun journey, one game at a time!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on our partnership with AlterVerse and the fascinating journey ahead. Let’s Reshape DeFi together.

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