InkSight 1: The Cruciality of Financial DAO infrastructure

Yemu is the co-founder of ARPA, Bella Protocol and ZX Squared Capital

You were in the traditional finance industry. How did you get into crypto?

I was fortunate to start my professional career at Fidelity Investments, where I advised and consulted the CFO offices of Fortune 500 companies on their employee benefit plans and financial strategies. In 2016, I bought my first bags of Bitcoin and Ethereum under the influence of the then head of digital assets at ARK Invest, Chris Burniske, who came to Fidelity and gave a speech about crypto. But it was the 20% daily swing in price and the ICO craze in 2017 that really got me interested in finding out the driver behind it. I buried myself in reading Bitcoin and Ethereum white papers. Luckily, my math and actuarial science background quickly helped me wrap my mind around this revolutionary technology, and I was in awe. Before I realized it, I was an avid participant in crypto conferences and meetups in San Francisco and New York. Through these gatherings, I got to know intelligent and driven peers who are equally obsessed with crypto.

You are an investor and advisor to INK Finance. What are the trends in crypto and the Web3 world from your vision?

Everyone has their own definition of Web3.0. Powered by the internet and blockchain technology, Web3.0 is revolutionizing ownership of digital properties and the way we collaborate with each other. Web3.0 is decentralized, community-driven, bottom-up, permission-less, and innovation-focused.

DeFi world is widely adopting DAOs as an operating and governing model. What are the key advantages of using DAO in DeFi at present? In addition to voting and fundraising, what other detailed functions do you think or expect that DAO can benefit DeFi (such as providing liquidity)?

In the foreseeable future, human collaboration will probably happen less in the form of a company and more in project-based partnerships. DAO will be the backbone and infrastructure of the new paradigm, as it dictates the framework for governance, collaboration, decision making, execution, incentivization, treasury management, and many more.

Why did you choose INK Finance? What do you see in this DAO infrastructure?

Team is the #1 thing that I look at when making an investment decision. Tony is a true visionary and is building something truly innovative and unique in the space. He wants to build a comprehensive financial infrastructure that empowers anyone in need of any form of liquidity. It then enriches their toolbox with governance, cross-chain credit generation, treasury management, venture funding, and more.



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