Solving Web3 Challenges — Organizational Structure & Asset Management

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are revolutionizing the crypto landscape with their unique organizational benefits.

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3 min readMay 14, 2024


Most newly launched crypto projects tend to somewhat utilize the DAO model, leading to a surge in protocol management solutions designed to meet sector-specific needs. However, these solutions often fall short of providing a unified platform, resulting in fragmented and incoherently developed products. Specifically, a comprehensive DAO or protocol management finance toolset requires the following components to be effectively integrated:

  • Organizational Management: A concise structure that defines how a protocol is managed & built
  • Governance: Decision-making processes
  • Task Management: Assigning, tracking, and verifying tasks
  • Fiscal Tools for Execution: Handling payments, transfers, custody, and audits
  • Financial Products: Issuance, settlement, risk control, and compliance

Currently, no single solution in the market offers a cohesive platform addressing these needs. For example:

  • Colony’s framework is based on “domains” and account permissions.
  • Gnosis Safe addresses multi-signature issues on Ethereum.
  • Snapshot provides tools for fair decision-making through proposals and voting.
  • CollabLand/Guild focuses on social management and verification.

This fragmentation forces decentralized organizations with complex business goals to piece together various protocol management tools, leading to inefficient and often ineffective management structures that hinder growth.

Despite some tools’ ability to integrate and enforce managerial aspects to a certain degree, procedural control and on-chain execution remain critical issues. The separation of high-level decision-making from the execution of financial activities — especially when implemented on-chain — is challenging. Combining multiple dApps does not guarantee efficiency or effectiveness, often resulting in redundancy and vulnerability.

Effective organizational management is essential. Traditional enterprises manage their operations through focused divisions or subsidiaries, and while blockchain and tokenization offer revolutionary potential, protocols that utilize DAO frameworks struggle to achieve the same organizational effectiveness. The question of how functional units within a protocol are interconnected, and how hierarchical relationships between meta-DAOs or sub DAOs can be implemented on-chain, remains unresolved.

The Solution for Efficient Infrastructure and On-Chain Financial Construct

Ink Finance (INK) stands out as the only protocol & DAO management tool in the web3 space that fully integrates organizational structure, governance processes, and on-chain execution of critical decisions, while assigning tangible economic meaning to a protocol’s governance or DAO token.

INK supports decentralized organizations from various sectors with polymorphic organizational structures that can evolve as their businesses grow. Its flexible hierarchical configuration, along with associated incentivization and control schemes, ensures dynamic and versatile organizational efficiency.

INK’s fiscal and financial solutions, including treasury and portfolio management, embody best practices, credibility and professionalism. These solutions can be implemented in a plug-and-play fashion at each level of a hierarchical ecosystem.

For those looking to build a simple on-chain social group managing basic fiscal tasks, there are numerous web3 tools available. DIY assembly of these tools might suffice without significant efficiency concerns. However, for building and operating a decentralized organization with real missions, sustainable operations, and robust financial capabilities, a thorough examination of Ink Finance’s offerings is essential.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is the only DeFi engine for DAOs, web3 protocols & systematic on-chain financial management. Ink Finance enables organizations to build effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management on-chain, focusing on transparency, flexibility, and credit-based DeFi.

Leveraging unmatched customizability, Ink Finance’s platform offers versatile governance modules, integrated risk control, compliance, & integrated workflows.

Ink Finance is led by a perfect blend of veterans in traditional and corporate finance, fintech, and blockchain.

Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence.

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