$QUILL IDO — The Path to an Exclusive QUILList and a Chapter of Opportunities

A statement to the Ink Finance community on our upcoming journey together

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4 min readJan 30, 2024


With our platform finally live on mainnet, we have persevered through endless development, community building, establishments of strategic relationships and more, building up to the most anticipated stage of any DeFi project — the IDO.

Ink Finance is set to reboot the ever-changing and evolving DAO culture in DeFi, with a platform that is scalable and efficient for protocols and DAOs alike to achieve proper structural as well as governance goals.

INKR: The gateway to exclusive platform benefits and more

Throughout our silent building phase, Ink Finance has established a variant of our MetaDAO known as the INKR DAO, which in reward & recognition for community contribution, has distributed INKR, our meta DAO currency that has finally found a footing in giving back to contributors in various ways.

INKR can be scored via our upcoming Galxe campaigns which will be updated on a frequent basis allowing participants to garner points in order to unlock their IDO whitelist as well as other exclusive rewards.

Exclusive IDO allowlist

In order to participate in the Ink Finance $QUILL token sale, an investor would have to be whitelisted or in the allowlist, to receive allocation. As there is limited allocation for the public sale of the $QUILL token, we’ve created a system to enable investors to score their place and share of the pot before the actual token goes live, at a fair price equivalent to every other IDO investor.

Upcoming benefits for the INKR leaderboard

If you choose to not participate in the IDO, you will still be able to take part in the retrospective launch airdrop, dependent of your overall placement on the Ink Finance Galxe leaderboard. Your rewards in turn, will be proportionally determined by your overall points & placement on the leaderboard, giving a conversion rate that is logarithmic as you go down the leaderboard.

This means that the higher you are, on the leaderboard, the more tokens you’d be able to claim from the retrospective airdrop. In addition, we’d also be airdropping a surprise bonus in $QUILL tokens for all IDO participants, dependent on their initial pledge into our public offering.

A pathway to unwritten benefits

Being an early adopter of the INK MetaDAO and an early contributor doesn’t just score you ‘INKR’ or vanity points that can never be redeemed in the future for additional benefits. Some of the upcoming unveiled priveleges we will be establishing as a reward towards our most loyal members can include but are not limited to:

  • Allocation in the retrospective launch airdrop for $QUILL where INKR leaderboard members will be able to redeem a share of the overall airdrop allocation based on their early and continuous contribution towards the protocol’s social platforms as well as TVL.
  • Possible VIP tier NFTs that will unlock vanity benefits as well as commemorate your place as an early contributor and established community leader, possibly unlocking allocation for future airdrops and/or rewards that are garnered via the Ink Finance platform.
  • Exclusive allowlist allocation for DAO/Protocol raises or index funds or various asset management funds that would be available on Ink’s platform facilitated by our state of the art scalable financial management framework.
  • Private access to various redacted sections in our Discord that vary from our OG chats, asset management chats, external project forums as well as exclusive VIP chats. Each of these mediums would be an outlet for a plethora of lucrative investment and networking opportunities.

Getting started & joining the INK MetaDAO movement

More instructions will be revealed as we venture into deep waters leading up to the IDO.

In the meanwhile, to await the path towards a covenant of establishment within the INK MetaDAO and pave your way towards a plethora of opportunities, Ink Finance invites you to firstly follow our official Galxe page where the opportunity awaits.

And finally, to join our Discord, where instructions will be dispersed, to unlocking a slot in the IDO, the retrospective airdrop, and more.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is DeFi’s future engine for DAOs, web3 protocols & systematic on-chain financial management. Ink Finance is the modular on-demand SaaS-grade protocol, enabling organizations to build highly effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management on-chain, with transparency & flexibility. Leveraging unmatched customizability, INK’s platform offers versatile governance modules, integrated risk control, compliance, & integrated workflows.

Ink Finance is created and led by a team of experienced founders with blended experiences in traditional and corporate finance, fintech, and blockchain. Ink Finance intends to introduce systematic credit-based DeFi that is transparent, secure, and scalable.

Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence.

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