Meet the Needs of Governance, Economy, Finance & Regulations — Ink Finance: For DAOs That Are More Than Social Groups (part3.)

Governance and Economy

  • Supply the tokens as staking reward;
  • Set the emission curve during the emission period;
  • Set different lockup terms that have different rewards and governance rights;
  • Penalty levels for breaking the lockups;

Fiscal and Financial Management

  1. Supports independent Treasury, Investment, and Funding operations within a large ecosystem;
  2. Allows each Committee to have its internal procedure regarding financial operations, in the form of intra-committee setup-and-approval according to the appointed roles, and executed on-chain;
  3. Supports the Treasury, Investment, Community, and Funding operations with DAO-to-DAO transactions between vaults, periodic automatic payments, and batched one-time payments, all secured with contract-based multi-signing processes. Various income or revenue categorization, as well as their audit is supported, which provides a clear asset deposit interface.
  4. Provides highly unified operational convenience, utilizing the same set of underlying technologies to support completely different business purposes. The difference between all pluggable applications on the INK platform mainly lies in the usage purpose of the managed assets, but UCV makes INK’s plug-and-play architecture very easy to implement.
  5. Supports regulatory compliant investment operations, including fund administration, asset adoption, risk management, and clearing functionalities, in addition to all the physical operations applicable to UCV. The process involves more management roles but follows the exact same internal setup-approval protocol that is tailored to regulation compliance.

Connecting DAOs to the Regulated Financial Systems



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