Ink Finance x Humanode Partnership

Ink Finance partners with Humanode to lock down some of the ways DAOs govern security — — encrypted biometric networks

Many of our tweets and articles this past year have hinted at Ink Finance’s DAO security against Sybil attacks and nefarious whale exploits. Today we are excited to give you some insights on how we locked that in with one of our long-term partners — Humanode.

Ink Finance x Humanode Partnership

Safety and security is a cornerstone for any community’s growth potential, but with the Sybil DAO exploits of the past, DAO users were left always looking over their shoulders fearing potential attacks. There is no way to thrive as a DAO community in the Web3 Era.

As a DAO governance protocol INK knew we needed to address this particular security issue, and we believed that through strategic partnerships we could really turn the page and see the next iteration of DAOs develop and grow exponentially.

Humanode is one of those strategic partners.

From INK’s very first meeting with Humanode, Web3 security for DAOs, among all crypto projects on blockchain, was paramount and has continued to be at the forefront of our ongoing conversation since then.

INK saw the need for a biometric identity solution, used critically in lieu of other forms of verification schemes, that supports Sybil-resistance and governance integrity for DAOs, which is why we were overjoyed to meet and have the opportunity to partner with Humanode.

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where the “One human = One node” doctrine brings Sybil resistance to the next level, allowing innovative governance frameworks in the crypto industry to cross a major hurdle.

Humanode brings these innovations to INK’s Financial DAO Governance:

🔹The most strict governance integrity assuring role-critical management structure.

🔹Sybil resistance for every DAO user in regulatory sensitive applications, by adopting democratically governed models with biometric technology.

🔹The ability to build out for the ecosystems running on INK with a biometric sign-in option for all of their members. With such a system combining security biometrics & liveness detection, you can be absolutely sure it is you, and only you, using your INK account.

🔹A clean UI/UX: Unlike other clunky UI/UX designs, Humanode is seamlessly woven into web3, so there is no need to create or link any 3rd party accounts such as Google or Facebook into INK’s platform.

🔹Anonymous as an INK DAO User: No personal or identifiable information is shared.

INK’s financial DAO governance & Humanode’s crypto-biometric security is a match made in heaven! Our partnership was a no-brainer. With a few lines of code, Ink Finance and Humanode facilities are linked to perform.

What does this mean for you as an Ink Finance user?

🔹At your DAO’s formation, you may choose to be assured that every DAO member signing in with Humanode has no exploitable duplicate identities, bots, or multi-accounts.

🔹Without exploits and attacks, every DAO member gets to focus on the mission, purpose, and whatever reason you created or joined your DAO in the first place.

With this partnership, we are thankful to having DAO Sybil attacks and whale exploits as a thing of the past. We are also grateful for the opportunity to highlight one of our amazing partners Humanode.

Now that you know some of the ways Ink Finance has DAO governance security on lock. What’s coming up next? A ton of new INK Governance Module use-cases are coming down the pipe! Stay tuned for more exciting news.

About Humanode

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric network where One human = One node that brings Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the crypto industry using biometric technology.
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About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

Learn more about Ink Finance and what we’re building:

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