Ink Finance: The Engine Empowering RWAs in DeFi

Ink Finance: Revolutionizing DeFi with RWA Tokenization

Ink Finance
5 min readMay 21, 2024

Ink Finance: Pioneering Web3 Financial SaaS

From the beginning, Ink Finance has been driven by a singular vision: to tokenize Real-World Assets (RWAs) with complete transparency and seamless off-chain clearing. Our innovative InkEnvelope construct transforms any asset into a token format, paving the way for a comprehensive RWA governance system encompassing credit, clearing mechanisms, and accountability.

Key Milestones and Market Integration

We’ve successfully deployed this groundbreaking feature on several Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible mainnets such as Avalanche & Polygon, as well as some additional chain testnets. This marks a significant advancement towards a robust, credit-focused DeFi infrastructure.

Ink Finance stands as a leading Web3 Financial Software as a Service (SaaS), dedicated to the tokenization of RWAs to propel decentralized finance (DeFi). As blockchain technology evolves, the importance of tokenizing tangible real-world assets has become increasingly evident. Ink Finance has been at the forefront, conducting extensive research to standardize this process.

Industry Advancements Highlighting RWA Significance

Recent developments in the DeFi space have spotlighted RWAs. For instance, Binance’s role as a node operator for Polymesh, a blockchain designed for regulated assets like security tokens, and Maple Finance’s launch of a US treasury bond pool, underscore the growing significance of RWAs. These assets, which include real estate, art, bonds, and private equity, are now recognized as the next growth engine for DeFi.

From its inception, Ink Finance’s primary goal has been to enable transparent and efficient RWA tokenization. Our proprietary INK Envelope technology, which converts any asset into a token format, is a testament to this commitment. This technology has been successfully deployed across EVM-compatible networks and is fully functional, able to be used by RWA originators and asset managers who want to take their domain on-chain while showcasing transparency when it comes to underlying value and proof of assets.

Vision: Advancing Blockchain for the Real Economy

At the heart of INK’s vision is the advancement of blockchain technology to serve the real-world economy and society. By introducing credit-based DeFi, our aim is to create a resilient financial system on Web3, capable of enduring market challenges and supporting all Web3 projects and decentralized organizations.

Key Attributes and Capabilities

Ink Finance excels in establishing on-chain competence and financial credit, thereby lowering the entry barrier to Web3. Our platform:

  • Establishes on-chain competence, transparency, governance, and financial credit
  • Lowers the threshold for entering web3 with an easy to use interface and a readable roadmap for getting started with asset management on-chain
  • Bridges web2, real-world, and web3 through unifying mutual elements in the real world and on-chain when it comes to transactional finality and exchange of assets
  • Connects projects and users together through an easy to assess investment framework, as well as other attached utilities that allow users to lend their tokens to projects, and projects to provide yield bearing incentives to retail users

As web3’s gold standard for financial infrastructure, INK empowers users to create on-chain organizational structures, establish treasuries, and adopt workflows for executing critical financial decisions. Our platform facilitates the issuance of aggregate investment fund products and bespoke financing products, enabling the introduction and wrapping of assets that are otherwise unavailable to local blockchains. Despite its comprehensive functions, our implemented “plug and play” configuration allows users to choose only the modules that align with their missions.

InkEnvelope: The Backbone of RWA Tokenization

The InkEnvelope technology supports flexible customization, enforcing transparent governance processes to wrap any asset into tokens. It caters to various asset classes, including equity/rights assets like real estate and art, as well as fixed-income assets like invoices, receivables, consumer credits, and debt claims.

InkEnvelope simplifies heterogeneous assets with a unified description, a realistic clearing method, and a new programmable layer that seamlessly connects to DeFi applications.

Process of Forming and Issuing InkEnvelope

  1. Wrap critical asset information into an InkEnvelope (e.g., insurance, guarantee, valuation auditing, licensing, disposal rights, clearing authorities).
  2. Encode the asset introduction and approval process into InkEnvelope, including proposal and approval rules.
  3. Publish the packaged assets on the Ink Finance platform through any organized fund management entity or entity seeking financing.
  4. Investors make investments in the RWA through these entities or established DeFi protocols that adopt InkEnvelope assets.
  5. Investors claim distributions and redeem investment returns.

Entities, including risk managers, auditors, administrators, and investment managers, elected through decentralized voting, will manage the process of asset packaging, issuance, and transactions. All managers adhere to community-determined standards, including pledging substantial governance tokens and verifying legal identities or professional licenses.

Commitment to a Sustainable Financial Paradigm

Ink Finance is dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and sustainable financial paradigm. Our goal is to provide investors and borrowers with a convenient, uniform, and secure environment for efficient and prudent liquidity. Our innovative underwriting and risk management methodologies prioritize security, transparency, and prudent investments.

Leading the Future of RWA Tokenization

Embracing the trend of digitalization and decentralization, Ink Finance is a pioneering leader in RWA tokenization. By injecting innovation and deep insights into credit-based finance, we aim to cultivate an environment where diverse, secure assets and abundant financing opportunities thrive. We continuously promote the digitalization of RWAs to build a more inclusive and sustainable financial system.

“Build On-Chain Competence & Financial Credit”

The digitalization of RWAs embodies Ink Finance’s mission, bringing our slogan to life and setting the stage for the future of finance in the Web3 era.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is the only DeFi engine for DAOs, web3 protocols & systematic on-chain financial management. Ink Finance enables organizations to build effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management on-chain, focusing on transparency, flexibility, and credit-based DeFi.

Leveraging unmatched customizability, Ink Finance’s platform offers versatile governance modules, integrated risk control, compliance, & integrated workflows.

Ink Finance is led by a perfect blend of veterans in traditional and corporate finance, fintech, and blockchain.

Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence.

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Ink Finance

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