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5 min readApr 8, 2024

Ink Finance is excited to announce the launch of our Pre-Launch DAO Campaign, a trivial part of our post-launch Retrospective Airdrop Phase I.

This campaign is meticulously designed to increase and engage DAO members, gather valuable proposal feedback through votes, and generously reward participants with our native token, $QUILL.

At the heart of this campaign is the INKR badge token, a membership badge for the Ink Finance DAO. In order to participate, users may claim our INKR governance instrument from our native faucet. After which, they would be able to partake in our Pre-Launch DAO’s initial governance round, vote on proposals, and earn $QUILL.

For this commemorative event, we have dedicated a pool of 10,000 $QUILL tokens to be distributed amongst all participants, retroactively, and in proportion to their on-chain activity and contribution to core DAO decisions of the protocol.

🎯 Here’s how it works:

🪶Step 1: INKR in your Wallet

We’ve made the process as simple as possible. In order to get started, all you need to do is claim your INKR via our faucet. You may access the faucet on our native dApp:, and then proceed to vote in governance proposals that are delivered to the community.

Each vote earns you more INKR that represents activity and increases your eligibility and allocation retroactively for our $QUILL airdrop. You can claim 10 $INKR once every 24 hours.

Disclaimer: $INKR is in no way a transactional token that has any underlying monetary value. It is purely a badge on-chain and a governance right token to participate in the INK Pre-Launch DAO airdrop division of our Launch Retrospective Airdrop Campaign.

Any liquidity pools created by users are not advised and are not a liability of Ink Finance. Ink Finance has no involvement in creating value for the $INKR token — it is purely a governance utility instrument.

🗳️ Step 2: Voting on Proposals:

  • Become DAO Member: Once you have your INKR, you may join INK’s Pre-Launch DAO. In order to keep up with the latest updates, you can navigate to your central dashboard and follow the particular framework setup for the pre-launch campaign.
  • Wave 1 Proposals: Pre-Launch DAO will feature pivotal proposals covering our Q2, Q3, and Q4 roadmap.
  • Vote: The initial vote requires holding 10 INKR tokens, and you can vote “Yes” or “No” on each proposal.
  • Wave 1 Vote limits: You have 10 votes (weighted power) to distribute across each proposal.

Our first governance proposal is already up! Once you have collected your voting tokens, you may proceed to vote for each proposal.

Each vote will enable you to earn more $INKR that you can use for future governance proposals pre-launch, and will enable you to scale your airdrop eligibility amount.

🎉 Step 3: Data Aggregation:

  • Vote Validation: After the voting concludes for each proposal, Ink Finance will conduct a retrospective analysis of the on-chain data.
  • Data Analyzed: Based on the analysis, a portion of the total 10,000 $QUILL tokens allocated towards this division of the airdrop will be airdropped to participants.
  • $QUILL Tokens Air-Dropped: The number of $QUILL tokens airdropped to each participant will be determined by the number of participants and votes cast by each on all proposals. The final snapshot will be taken post-IDO & eligible allocation will be determined proportionally amongst all $INKR holders.

🔄 Next Steps: Wave 2 Participation & Beyond

Serial Consecutive Participation:

  • Next Wave: Wave 2 of voting on proposals will begin immediately after the initial governance proposal concludes. Ink Finance will provide several opportunities for participants to harvest $INKR by voting on governance implementation proposals.
  • More $INKR, More Votes: Consecutive votes will require an additional amount of $INKR to enter, in exchange for a higher reward drop. Participants may obtain this by voting sequentially on all proposals.
  • Vote and farm $INKR: Ink Finance will reward additional $INKR tokens to Phase 1 voters, enabling participation in the second round.

INK Innovative On-Chain Governance Showcase

INK Finance’s Pre-Launch DAO Campaign showcases our platform’s superiority over traditional off-chain governance tools like Snapshot.

Our on-chain governance features programmable, itemized metadata, offering a secure, transparent, and robust voting process with clear advantages in data analysis.

Key Benefits of INK’s Governance:

  • Tamper-proof: Each vote is securely recorded with itemized metadata.
  • Transparency: Participants can independently verify and audit voting results.
  • Security: Enhanced measures protect against vulnerabilities and attacks.
  • Pseudonymous Biometrics: Increased measures of resistance against Sybil attacks.

Airdrop Conclusion — $INKR to $QUILL:

Seize this opportunity to transform your INKR badge tokens into $QUILL! Engage in governance, vote, offer feedback, and earn $QUILL rewards while shaping our platform’s future.

Bottom Line: You receive free $QUILL by voting on INK’s Pre-Launch DAO.

It’s a win-win: Claim from the faucet, get your INKR, dive into the Pre-Launch DAO Campaign, cast your vote, and receive your $QUILL rewards retroactively.


How to participate in the INK Pre-Launch DAO and obtain eligible allocation in the Launch Retrospective Airdrop

Step 1: Join INK’s Pre-Launch DAO, and claim your $INKR via our faucet. .

Step 2: Vote on our Pre-Launch Implementation Proposals

Step 3: Once voting ends, collect your $INKR rewards from participation.

Step 4: Stay in tune with our socials (X & Discord), as we’ll roll out continuous governance implementation proposals. Each voting action will earn you more $INKR. Make sure to keep up with the proposals currently ‘Open For Voting’.

Step 5: Vote, participate, sit back and chill. Harvest more $INKR and vote on proposals to increase your allocation for the retrospective airdrop.

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