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May 2023 — Issue 24 ( 0501–0531 )

Ink Finance Monthly Report of May

May has been an exhilarating month of achievements for Ink Finance!

Our rockstar dev team completed the development of key product features such as investment management, staking engine, and No Token Governance. Most of our platform’s functionalities now stand completed, marking a key milestone in the Ink Finance journey to reshaping DeFi!

We’ve also made considerable strides in BD expansion, with some of our partners publicly announcing their collaborations with Ink Finance.

Let’s dive into the exciting achievements that made May a month to remember!

Forging New Frontiers In Partnership with AlterVerse

Ink Finance is excited to announce our strategic partnership with AlterVerse, a pioneer in Metaverse gaming. This epic collaboration ushers in a new era of Metaverse financing, seamlessly merging DeFi and the dynamic Metaverse ecosystem.

We’re establishing a financial booth in AlterVerse’s immersive Metaverse, designed to facilitate easy in-game token transactions between lenders and borrowers. Ensuring smooth operations within the gaming ecosystem, our token QUILL steps up as a turnkey utility, activating vital features within the gaming ecosystem.

This partnership represents a significant leap towards synthesizing DeFi and the Metaverse, blending the boundaries between virtual, DeFi, and real-world finance. We’re committed to exploring and innovating at the intersection of finance and gaming, and we’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

Read more about the partnershipClick to view the virtual booth of Ink Finance

Community Event

Community Event

“Know your investment QUIZ” Event: Increase Knowledge & Earn Rewards

Inker DAO has launched a prize-filled campaign, “Know Your Investment QUIZ,” to enhance the communities understanding of secure and transparent investment practices.
The campaign is a fantastic opportunity for the community to learn the ropes of efficient and safe investing, familiarize themselves with the workings of Ink Finance’s investment tools, and explore our powerful innovations. Nearly 100 community members actively participated in the event.
Recognizing that the security of assets and the assurance of investment returns are fundamental concerns for our users, this event catered to these needs by elucidating the following points:

  • First, FUNDS operate within a stringent workflow, monitored not just by a dedicated risk controller but also by users on the blockchain, providing real-time oversight.
  • Secondly, Ink Finance grants users access to the historical investment returns of all funds. This transparency enables users to cherry-pick quality funds, potentially maximizing investment returns.

We are excited to see many more participate in secure and informed investing with Ink Finance!

Talk to Team

Talk to Team

The highly-anticipated ‘Talk to Team’ event hosted by Ink Finance was a resounding success, providing a unique platform for our community to engage directly with our core team.

Our BD and Marketing Partner, Ben Jones, joined the session, offering detailed insights into the most pressing user concerns. This productive dialogue allowed for an in-depth exploration of product features, security measures, unique advantages, strategies for community engagement, and our marketing roadmap.

The questions and discussions primarily centered around the following pivotal aspects:

  • INK Funding status: Ink Finance has completed two funding phases, with an $80 million valuation and Series B funding in motion.
  • Defining Comprehensive Security: Stringent internal testing, external audits, and regulatory compliance ensure platform security.
  • Benefits & Accessibility for Different Users: The platform caters to crypto newcomers and professional users with a versatile interface and features.
  • How Voting Power Works: Voting power links to INK token holdings or stakes. Future enhancements could reward participation and long-term staking.
  • QUILL & Investment Strategies for Investors: Investors stand to benefit from potential QUILL token value increases, staking rewards, and token utility.
  • Mobile App Suggestions from the community for INK to make an official mobile app.

The ‘Talk to Team’ event is a testament to our vibrant community culture and INK’s steadfast commitment to transparency, user engagement, and ceaseless innovation.

We are incredibly grateful for our exceptional community’s enthusiastic participation and insightful inquiries, as their keen interest and anticipation for future initiatives are evident.

Discover more here

Blog Post

Trading Functions of Investment Management live on testnets

Ink Finance’s Trading Functions offer a meticulously structured operational system with multi-tier management and a rigorous workflow. The fund trading process, managed by investment and risk managers, unfolds in five sequential stages:

  1. Asset introduction
  2. Asset approval
  3. Trade initiation
  4. Trade approval &
  5. Trade commitment.

This structured trading system bolsters trading efficiency and accuracy and fortifies risk management. By offering unparalleled transparency and adhering to regulatory guidelines, it ensures compliance across the board. Moreover, it paves the way for the effective implementation of Real World Assets (RWA), amplifying the overall performance and scope of Ink Finance.

Discover more here

How Ink Finance is empowering Real World Asset (RWA)

Ink Finance is paving the way for integrating Real World Assets (RWA) into the decentralized financial ecosystem. Acting as a bridge between the traditional Web2 and the innovative Web3, RWAs have the potential to unlock significant opportunities and breathe new life into the financial markets and the real economy.

Ink Finance, a vanguard of Web3 financial infrastructure, has undertaken extensive research and development in this realm. A noteworthy accomplishment is creating our proprietary on-chain tokenization module, InkEnvelope.

InkEnvelope transforms offline assets into on-chain tokens, following three key steps:

  1. Select the asset type for tokenization and the number of tokens.
  2. Describing the assets/Asset identification.
  3. Linking to external operational systems.

The tokens are tied directly to real-world assets, validating their authenticity. Asset trading exchanges can audit the tokenized assets, boosting user confidence in trading.

Product Development

Investment Functions live on Testnet

In our latest update, we are excited to announce that the trading features of our investment management system are now live on testnets. This milestone marks a significant step in providing a seamless and efficient funds operation experience. Our team has been dedicated to refining the user interface, streamlining the trading process, and implementing robust risk management protocols.

Investment funds have a three-phase life cycle:

  1. Setup & Raising,
  2. Operation, and
  3. Dissolution.

When the fund enters the operational trading phase, the fund manager undertakes a sequence of steps:

  1. Introducing assets
  2. Approving assets
  3. Initiating trades
  4. Approving trades
  5. Executing transactions

This sequence gives you greater control over your funds, enabling you to swiftly and securely seize and capitalize on market opportunities.

We have also rolled out advanced asset introduction types and an on-chain asset tokenization system. This system facilitates the blockchain’s comprehensive standard representation of Real World Assets (RWA).

Discover more: here

No Token Governance

The No-Token Governance module is complete! This module enables a DAO to mint or import badges with customizable parameters to specific governance requirements. These parameters include the number of badges, board settings, number of public voting wallets, individual votes, voting modes, and execution timelines.

Our No-Token Governance solution addresses daily operational needs and long-term governance, incorporating fairness, decentralization, risk resilience, and flexibility. This innovative governance mechanism fosters community autonomy and participation, boosting sustainable project development and significantly benefiting the community.

Ink Finance’s Staking Engine

We’re thrilled to announce that our rockstar dev team has successfully completed the Staking Engine development, a crucial element of Ink Finance. This monumental achievement symbolizes a massive leap forward, transforming Ink Finance into a highly efficient powerhouse akin to a supercar, taking things to the next level, & revving up to deliver unmatched performance.

Our Staking Engine offers DAOs two options: creating a new staking pool or sharing an existing one. It empowers DAOs to set token emission rates and determine parameters. Token holders participating in staking reap rewards and gain voting rights by pledging stakes or meeting qualified manager requirements.

The Staking Engine yields benefits, including enhanced network security, increased holder participation, robust governance capabilities, liquidity, and community development. Its role in fostering the growth and success of blockchain projects is invaluable. Embark on the journey with Ink Finance — where innovation meets opportunity.

Thank you for learning about our recent breakthrough in May. Our rockstar team remains dedicated to working hard and advancing our platform. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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