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5 min readJul 3, 2023

June 2023 — Issue 25 ( 0601–0630 )

June has been an extremely busy and very rewarding month for Ink Finance!

On the product front, we’ve introduced two significant features — No Token Governance and Stake Engine — both now live on our beta network. Regarding community growth, we’re thrilled to have welcomed thousands of new members to the Ink Finance family. Simultaneously, we’ve broadened our horizons by partnering with leading investment platforms.

Now, let’s delve into these exciting milestones!

Forging New Frontiers In Partnership with VeDAO

Ink Finance is thrilled to announce a partnership with VeDAO, a DAO-led investment and financing platform. VeDAO leverages the collective wisdom of its community, fostering an environment where elite insights thrive. Ink Finance’s flexible scaling structure, robust security, and comprehensive compliance, combined with this collaboration, will actively explore new frontiers in the DAO landscape.

As part of this partnership, VeDAO will establish its DAO on the Ink Finance platform and launch a governance campaign to inspire active user participation in DAO governance. We’re excited about this collaboration’s potential for fostering innovation and active community engagement.

Community Event

INKR Staking Pool Live on Ink Finance

In celebration of the STAKE ENGINE going live on Testnet, Inker DAO has initiated the first phase of the INKR staking campaign on Ink Finance, offering a reward of 30,000 INKRs. Any INKR holder can stake to earn more INKR — the more you stake and the longer you keep it staked, the more INKR rewards you earn.

Just one hour after the campaign’s launch, over 200 addresses had already participated in staking. We’ve seen over 2750 transactions and more than 45,691 INKR staked. We’re thrilled with the results of our inaugural staking campaign and extend our gratitude to all participating members.

Learn more: Staking Pool.

Ink Finance’s Social Media Campaign Launched on GALXE

INKR DAO has launched its first social media campaign on GALXE, the premier platform for web3 projects to cultivate and expand their communities. As a token of our appreciation for the burgeoning interest in InkFinance, we’re offering a reward pool of 25,000 INKRs and 5,000 OATs for this campaign. Excitingly, in just three days since the campaign went live, we’ve already seen participation from over 5000 crypto users!

The campaign has led to a substantial increase in followers across INK’s various social media platforms. These new community members have actively participated in our STAKING activities and shown serious engagement by asking insightful questions about the event and the project in our group discussions.

Learn More: Ink Finance Galxe Campaign

Influencer Marketing

Renowned South East Asia crypto influencer, Danish (@feature_earning), recently dropped an exhilarating YouTube video discussing the fascinating world of Ink Finance, provided his devoted followers with an in-depth research analysis on Ink Finance and and introduced the latest event organized by InkerDAO, captivating his audience with the promise of an exciting future for Ink Finance.

To watch the full video, please click here.

Product Development

Stake Engine Functions live on Beta

Launching the Stake Engine feature in beta marks a significant milestone for INK. This feature paves the way for DAOs to implement a stake-to-governance policy, integrating committee membership, voting rights, and incentive benefits into the DAO framework.

Token holders can stake their tokens to gain voting rights and rewards. Additionally, by staking a predefined quantity of tokens set by the DAO creator, token holders can qualify for a nomination for committee manager roles. This development underscores our commitment to fostering a more inclusive and participatory governance model.

Stake Engine Mechanism aims to empower DAO:

🔹Safeguard DAO security

🔹Enhance governance engagement

🔹Promote token holding and long-term investment

🔹Build a loyal community

Discover more: here

No Token Governance Functions Live on Beta

As a Web3 finance infrastructure, Ink Finance aims to provide a comprehensive, zero-code platform to cater to the financial governance, management, asset management, and on-chain asset tokenization needs of Web3 projects. A key innovation we’ve introduced is the No Token Governance mechanism.

No Token Governance allows projects to customize badge names and quantities and assign voting rights to meet their unique governance requirements. This flexibility underscores our commitment to providing tailored solutions that empower projects to manage their governance in a way that best suits their needs.

No Token Governance functions that empower DAOs:

🔹Flexibility and Innovation: Adapts to various governance needs and developmental stages, fostering an environment of continuous innovation.

🔹Fariness: We strive to prevent wealth concentration and the undue influence of a few token holders on decision-making, promoting a more equitable and democratic governance process.

🔹Long-Term Orientation: A focus on long-term benefits and sustainability.

🔹Anti-noise: Effectively isolates the uncertainty of community activity and crypto markets, fully realizing the true value of communities.

Discover more: here

Check our Youtube for No Token Governance

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