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July 2023 — Issue 26 ( 0701–0731 )

Ink Finance Monthly Report Of July

It’s great to gather together again with all of you! Over the past month, we’ve journeyed through a series of remarkable and inspiring experiences together. July marked a significant milestone in our evolution, a time filled with noteworthy achievements that are absolutely cause for celebration.

This monthly report will delve into the highlights, milestones, and triumphs of Ink Finance throughout July. Our team has made substantial strides in product development, marketing, and community building. It’s important to note that these accomplishments are a testament to each team member’s relentless dedication and collaborative spirit.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the memorable moments that made July truly special.

Azeem Khan Joins Ink Finance Advisory Board

Azeem Khan Joins Ink Finance Advisory Board

Azeem Khan, a respected crypto investor, serial entrepreneur, and Head of Impact at Gitcoin, has officially joined the Advisory Board of Ink Finance, the leading Web3 Financial SaaS. With a remarkable academic and entrepreneurial background and his influential presence in the crypto industry, Azeem’s addition to the team promises to bring valuable insights and expertise to the table. Read InkSight’s interview with Azeem and stay tuned on Ink Finance’s journey to revolutionize decentralized finance!

Social Event — Gate Live Panel on RWA

Social Event — Gate Live Panel on RWA

A live panel discussion on Real World Asset was held on July 20th, featuring Tony Tang, CEO of Ink Finance, Yan Meng, co-founder of Solv Finance, and prominent industry expert Colin from Mint Ventures.

In this engaging virtual event, Tony Tang and the panelists delved into the transformative impact of RWA on traditional finance, supply chain, and other sectors. They shared valuable insights on how blockchain technology, including Ink Finance’s platform, revolutionizes asset ownership, liquidity, and accessibility. The discussion will also touch upon regulatory considerations and best practices for ensuring compliance and security when dealing with real-world assets on the blockchain. Click here to review the live panel on YouTube.

Community Event

INKR Staking campaign had completed successfully

One of the notable updates is the successful completion of the STAKING campaign, which has been a significant success for us. Let’s take a look at some of the remarkable accomplishments of the STAKING campaign:

Impressive INKR Staking Total: We are extremely grateful for the participation and support from our users, which resulted in an astonishing total of 75,501 INKR staked. This reflects our users’ confidence in Ink Finance and their recognition of our products.

Over 1500 Participating Staking Addresses: The STAKING campaign attracted over 1500 addresses to participate in staking. This demonstrates our community’s vibrancy and diversity and showcases users’ active involvement in the Ink Finance platform.

Over 500 New Users on the INKR score platform: Our rewards website welcomed over 500 new users during the STAKING campaign. This growth signifies the continuous appeal of our products and services, expanding our user base.

Over 5000 New Followers on Official Social Media: This further strengthens our connection with users and allows more people to become acquainted with and engage in the Ink Finance community.

These achievements would not have been possible without our users’ tremendous support and trust. We are thankful for your recognition of Ink Finance and are committed to providing top-quality products and services.

Ink Finance AD Online

Ink Finance AD Online

Our branding team has crafted a new video to amplify the reach of Ink Finance, boost user engagement, and foster a more vibrant community. We aim to elevate our brand visibility and trust and attract more investors who share our long-term vision and developmental objectives. Through this video presentation, we aspire to invite more individuals to become part of our community, collectively propelling the evolution and innovation of Web3 finance.

Check the Video now: Ink Finance A SaaS for Web3 Finance.

Product Development

Authorize sub-dao the creation with Credential Token

We are proud to introduce the option for Meta(mother) DAO’s creators to designate a Credential Token for controlled sub-DAO creation.

Advantages of Holding Mother DAO Tokens:

◾ Enhancing Security and Credibility: By mandating the possession of Meta DAO issued credential tokens, we added an additional layer of integrity to large DAO ecosystems. This measure mitigates the malicious or unauthorized sub-DAOs that intend to hijack and steal the reputation of a healthy ecosystem, safeguarding the overall integrity and credibility of the governance structure.

▪ Facilitating Resource Sharing: With the requirement of holding Meta DAO issued Credential Tokens, creators of sub DAO can access and utilize the Meta DAO’s staking engine for their sub-DAOs’ governance, sharing benefits from the top-level resource allocation. This facilitates resource sharing, optimizes efficiency, and streamlines the management of multiple interconnected sub DAOs.

Customized DAO Member Self-Certification

We also introduce a significant new feature allowing DAO members to verify identity by uploading custom authentication files. Users have complete control over the content of these files.

Enhanced Identity Verification Flexibility: Unlike traditional identity verification methods that often have limited options, our custom authentication feature allows users to upload verification files based on their specific roles and functions appointed by the DAO. This flexibility ensures that identity verification adapts to different situations and requirements.

Improved Verification Accuracy: Since users upload their authentication files, these files are often more specific and personalized, providing more accurate evidence of identity and qualifications for critical roles. This contributes to an overall increase in verification accuracy and credibility.

Support for Diverse Use Cases: Customized authentication can be applied to various scenarios and industries, including enterprise verification, identity authentication, and voting participation, among others. This versatility makes our product suitable for different users and organizations.

White Lable

We’ve successfully implemented our White Labeling feature. This empowering addition allows our DAO clients to take full advantage of INK’s power while maintaining their brand awareness.

Brand Customization: With the White Labeling feature, Meta DAO can customize the appearance and design of their DAO List to align perfectly with their brand identity. This ensures a consistent and cohesive user experience, enhancing brand recognition and trust.

Enhanced Credibility and Trust: A community-based DAO List instills confidence and awareness among community members. When users see a DAO List that reflects the project’s unique identity, it fosters a sense of belonging and legitimacy.

Expanding Ecosystems: The White Label feature promotes growth of various ecosystems’ brand awareness. Project owners can cultivate their communities and nurture diverse DAOs, leading to a more vibrant and interconnected ecosystem.

Facilitating Partnerships: With the ability to showcase a relevant DAO List, project owners can attract potential partners and collaborators. This feature opens up opportunities for meaningful collaborations and synergies within the broader blockchain community.

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