Ink Finance Monthly Report # 13

Issue 13, 10th September — 07th October 2022

Ink Finance
3 min readOct 12, 2022
Ink Finance Monthly report
Oct. 2022 — Issue 13 (0910–1007)

Project Development

Ink Finance

On September 30, Ink Finance released most of its major plug-and-play components in demo mode to its online beta version for user feedback. The four powerful configurable units that any DAO can easily plug into its organization are

Ink Finance

🔹 Treasury Management (80% completed and available for test)

🔹 Community Management (demo only)

🔹 Investment Management (demo only)

🔹 Funding Management (demo only)

Ink Finance

Users can also see how third-party-provided identity verification methods, such as Humanode and Astra, can be integrated to implement DAO manager and DAO member integrity.

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Social Events

Ink Finance

On Oct 15th Ink Finance officially launched the 4th Test to Earn event, “Initiating Proposals to Earn”. where DAO creators are tasked to initiate and invite participants to vote on off-chain proposals. Voting results will be made public at the end of the voting period. So far over 100 users have participated in this campaign. Through DAO testing events like this one INK encourages more users to create & join DAOs to participate. No matter how big or small a community’s goals are, through this event DAOs will discover how easy, comprehensive & empowering Ink Finance is in achieving them!

what is Ink Finance?
what is QUILL?
how to earn QUILL?

During Sep 15 -21, Ink Finance kicked off a Twitter QUIZ series based on Ink Finance and QUILL knowledge. It’s an effective strategy to educate users on Ink Finance via reading and doing the quiz. Each round of the quiz saw hundreds of users participating. The entire community has been more active, and the media following has been continuously increasing.

what is Ink Finance

On Sep 22, the Ink Finance MEME Contest went live. We‘ve seen a good amount of creative, fun, and heartfelt works generated. The campaign is still hot, we expect more great works submitted while Ink Finance’s influence expands.

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy

InkSight Issue 6: Preventing Sybil Attacks & Building Secured DAOs
How does ‘ 1 human = 1 node’ work on DAOs governance?
Humanode’s founder Dato Kavazi talks about the partnership with Ink Finance to help DAOs to execute their goals and manage financial activities without needless security and credibility concerns on InkSight.

Click here for the full interview article on Medium

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

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Ink Finance

Ink Finance is the DeFi engine for Protocols, DAOs, and RWA Originators. Build On-Chain Competence & Financial Credit |