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5 min readJan 15, 2024

Ink Finance’s institutional-grade DAO engine and fund management infrastructure is now available on Avalanche & Polygon mainnet.

Ink Finance has launched a novel and unique platform that enables DAOs, institutions, entities as well as projects to establish on-chain collective funds and managed portfolios that utilize a customizable framework, allowing them flexibility when it comes to transparency, security, governance and an on-chain chain of command for more adequate and mutually beneficial management.

A redefinition of portfolio management on-chain

Ink Finance has developed and launched a powerful and scalable management engine for funds that are kept on-chain to allow decision makers to transparently execute agreed-on financial management.

Through scalability on management components, on-chain transparency & customizable governance, as well as the establishment of hierarchy & autonomy that is agreed on, the INK DAO engine enables projects and DAOs of all kinds to seamlessly capitalize on better practices to enhance their own security protocols, investor trust, as well as transparency on portfolio performance.

Kicking off on mainnet — bootstrapped TVL & continuous development

With the recently launched fund management engine, and a fully functional dApp, live on Avalanche & Polygon, INK has managed to garner substantial interest from DAOs, projects alike, as well as potential TradFi & DeFi fund managers, amassing over $1mm TVL in less than 24 hours from launch, with the first initial DAO to establish themselves on the platform, filling their raise with no effort.

Retail investors are able to go through a selective process when choosing various funds, projects or DAOs to invest in or get involved with on INK’s platform. Investors can scan through an adequate evaluation of each individual fund or DAO’s framework of security, transparency and governance, and proceed with what suits their risk appetite.

With a silent but successful initial landing in the market, we aim to eventually expand our horizons to other prominent EVM compatible chains and strong TVL L2s. More updates will roll out on our mainnet expansion as we gear up towards our $QUILL IDO, with the intent of incentivizing DAOs that choose to utilize the INK platform and dApp for their own flexible financial administrations.

A step ahead of multisigs, governance dApps & the barriers of collaboration

While multisigs have been an upcoming requirement for trust and security in a project, there just isn’t enough governance or agreeance on unified custodians and key power figures. On the other hand, governance dApps are really limited to centralized decisions and are somewhat coercive.

INK’s construct comes in as a solution for this via selection of custodians, transparent decision making, and acute representation of ownership — when it comes to governance rights & decision making. The utility of having committee options as well as secondary layers to fund regulators allows for a more dynamic approach to stakeholder security.

To take it further, we’ve also added multiple asset management functionalities that include but are not limited to — a lending protocol, indexes, ETFs & also bespoke private funds.

What’s next?! — Wen token launch?

While the mainnet launch has been an extensive and grueling operation— requiring extensive testing on functionality, contract security as well as intermediate processes to meet expectations and our very own timeline, we’re currently in the process of preparing our public sale as well as our IDO, followed by an eventual IEO on top tier exchanges.

Our native and utility token $QUILL will be launching within the next few months on the Avalanche blockchain initially, along with a wrapped/escrowed variant that allows flexibility on various staking mechanics we would introduce once live, as well as enhances long term sustainability for price action & stakeholders.

Our public round will be open for all, but with a limited allocation, being the earliest opportunity to get in at the fair launch value (price). More news will be published on this in our Discord as we progress towards key timelines. We suggest tuning into the community to keep up with the latest news.

Looking forward & next steps

As aforementioned, our mainnet dApp is fully live and functional. We invite traders, builders, portfolio managers as well as projects to experience Ink Finance’s top tier fund management engine for web3. As the weeks progress we aim to finetune several components that are infrastructure sided, as well as prepare for the moon mission leading upto our IDO.

Users can begin exploring our ecosystem and testing their own financial management modules on our mainnet dApp, or our testnet dApp for some experimentation. A full comprehensive guide on how to get started and further operate can be found on our website.

As always, we welcome questions, feedback, and conversations with our friendly admins as well as team — on our Discord (where we will also be hosting some super cool community events in the near future, with incentives).

We’d like to thank our community once again for your patience and for accompanying us on this expedition. This is the commencement of what will be a phenomenal year for Ink Finance. We look ahead to sharing many more remarkable advancements.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is DeFi’s future engine for DAOs, web3 protocols & systematic on-chain financial management. Ink Finance is the modular on-demand SaaS-grade protocol, enabling organizations to build highly effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management on-chain, with transparency, unition & flexibility. Leveraging unmatched customizability, INK’s platform offers versatile governance modules, integrated risk control, compliance, & integrated workflows.

Ink Finance is created & led by a team of experienced founders, with blended experiences within traditional & corporate finance, fintech, and blockchain. Ink Finance intends to introduce systematic credit-based DeFi that is transparent, secure and scalable.

Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence.

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