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A review of INK’s endeavors, end of year, and transitioning into a new year of growth & development.

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Ink Finance has been building in the shadows, going through a very productive period in Q4, 2023, achieving key milestones. As we moved towards the end of year, we were able to wrap up the heavy lifting within our development pipeline & establish important collaborations.

Abu Dhabi Finance Week

Ink Finance’s key team members — Founder & CEO, Tony Tang; Co Founder & Head of BD, Camille Zhang; and Head of Client Solutions, Adele Hu attended the Abu Dhabi Finance Week at ADGM, alongside fintech regulators, Binance & other influential institutions to go over a shared vision that would push Abu Dhabi forward as a fintech hub in MENA.

As invitees to the event, the Ink Finance team were able to showcase our core product to important parties, including the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) that regulates financial activity within the ADGM. The Ink Finance SaaS protocol received high regard and commercial interest from key members of the FSRA.

With a shared vision to transform Abu Dhabi into a fintech hub in the Middle East, we were able to share a common vision to utilize blockchain technology to regulate traditional and decentralized finance. The teams are committed to deepening their understanding and exploring practical collaborations, with a significant milestone in mind — integrating Ink Finance’s platform with the FSRA’s reg-tech sandbox. This potential collaboration sets the precedent for accelerating standardization and compliance within the fintech regulatory landscape.

Unlocking collaborations in GameFi

Beyond regulatory and risk management fronts, Ink Finance has taken a step into GameFi, bridging connections with video game giant, WeMade, a leading web3 game, metaverse & NFT/FT developer. Director Doyi Kim and CEO Henry Chang engaged in in-depth conversations with the Ink Finance team. Both sides discovered a tremendous common interest in promoting self-governed, secured, and fair microeconomics and microfinance. These collaborations aspire to drive further innovation at the intersection of finance and gaming.

Ink Finance CEO — Tony Tang’s at TAIPEI Blockchain Week

Tony Tang, Founder & CEO of Ink Finance, was invited to join a panel discussion titled “BRIDGING REAL AND DIGITAL: THE TOKENIZATION WAVE”, where he was able to showcase the INK platform’s RWA module and asset management engine. The unique aspect of Ink Finance in Real World Assets (RWA) lies in addressing the challenges real-world assets face in the crypto space. Putting asset owners on the blockchain achieves compliance showcasing and risk management, resolving regulatory issues surrounding token issuance.

INK’s novelty and unique use case establishes transparent and immutable processes on the Ink Finance SaaS platform, offering globally compliant transaction possibilities without violating securities laws in different jurisdictions. This opportunity facilitates scalability, operational scaling, and compliance maintenance, driving the entry of real-world assets into web3 liquidity.

Ink Finance integration with OKX Wallet

OKX’s wallet has successfully integrated Ink Finance, allowing users to interact directly with INK’s interface and utilize a range of functions within the OKX wallet itself.

The integration allows a convenient and interactive user environment and expands Ink Finance’s reach into web3 integration and interoperability. In addition, it allows a seamless transition into web3 for web2 native users, driving overall ecosystem growth and reinstating Ink Finance’s core selling point of on-chain management for universal finance.

INK teams up with Youtuber Camille in a special giveaway

In honor of the Abu Dhabi Finance Week, Ink Finance and popular YouTuber Camille got together to launch a “Watch to Earn” campaign, comprising four engaging sessions that attracted a remarkable turnout of 4,000 participants.

This initiative resulted in an influx of new members amongst Ink Finance’s social medias, with each video racking up an average of 2,500 views. The collaboration was kickstarted to showcase some of INK’s most important utilities when it comes to rebooting the DAO culture and overall on-chain asset management. We were able to do this by demonstrating a decentralized governance model that economically benefits the entire creator-fan ecosystem. Participants were able to win upto 500 $USDT & 20,000 INKR — which is the Ink Finance pre-market social currency, for their valuable inputs during community activities.

Watch the full video here.

A walkthrough on how governance & DAOs work on the INK platform.

Ink Finance x Earn Network

Ink Finance partnered up with Earn Network to explore cross-marketing opportunities and explore future potential integrations. This strategic move aims to significantly enhance functionality accross dApps, boost community engagement, and add substantial value to one another in terms of technological cross-integration and exposure in the space.

Product Advancement

Optimizing the flow of DAO Authentication

Users who choose DAO-defined verification can now submit their documents to any DAO admin for screening in order to be seamlessly authenticated.

Fund Creation & User Investment

Ink Finance’s latest dev update has optimized voting modules, enabling stakeholders to set specific parameters for proposal approval criteria. A proposal is approved when a vote shifts in favor exceeding half of participating fund investors. Alternatively, if the total investment amount from proposal contributors surpasses half of the entire fund’s total amount, the proposal is deemed approved as fund shares would fundamentally be regarded as governance power.

UI/UX Adjustments

  • Asset Display Enhancement: Users are now able to view their current token holdings within the dApp itself, providing a better analytical overview.
  • Investment Details: Investment specifics of each fund are now downloadable by select fund members, improving accessibility, shareability and record keeping. Also adds to our framework of improving overall compliance & transparency.
  • Operation Flow: DAO managers & dApp users can now be efficiently guided on next steps within the Ink Finance dApp itself, leading to a more clear workflow, providing a series of next steps one can easily follow while setting up various modules within the dApp.

Ink Finance is now audited by Salus

INK is now fully audited by SALUS — having done a comprehensive smart contract audit, threat modeling & business logic audit. Salus is a holistic web3 security company, with rich experience in traditional and blockchain security.

The audit enables Ink Finance to ready itself for a mainnet launch, having assured that all smart contracts have been articulately scanned for vulnerabilities and logic in functionality, so that we may confidently deploy and enable retail to utilize our platform.

Find the full audit on INK here.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is DeFi’s future engine for DAOs, web3 protocols & systematic on-chain financial management. Ink Finance is the modular on-demand SaaS-grade protocol, enabling organizations to build highly effective operation structures and perform best-practice financial management on-chain, with transparency, unition & flexibility. Leveraging unmatched customizability, INK’s platform offers versatile governance modules, integrated risk control, compliance, & integrated workflows.

Ink Finance is created & led by a team of experienced founders, with blended experiences within traditional & corporate finance, fintech, and blockchain. Ink Finance intends to introduce systematic credit-based DeFi that is transparent, secure and scalable.

Finance is built on credit, and credit comes from competence.

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