Ink Finance extends it’s DAO solution to the BSC network

Ink Finance
2 min readOct 31, 2022
Ink Finance extends it’s DAO solution to the BSC network

Ink Finance is now deployed on the #BSC Testnet, expanding our reach to support decentralized organizations to establish robust and comprehensive financial management solutions.

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial DAO infrastructure tool, where tasks like DAO creation, governance economy, treasury management, investment & funding management can be elegantly performed across multiple blockchain networks.

Our mission is to give every DAO the best tool to manage its finance with integrity, demonstrating its competence and building its financial credit.

This BSC testnet deployment is a significant step forward on our path to servicing the best DAOs in Web3. It is an honor for us at INK to support ecosystems on the BNB Chain BSC, alongside those on Avalanche, Ethereum, and Solana.

Whether you are a crypto asset manager, a Gamefi guild, a community influencer, or any other type of decentralized organization seeking growth via finance, start a DAO with Ink Finance now, and experience the safest and most flexible financial DAO tool on the BSC testnet.

How to get started with your financial DAO on BSC?

▶ Start your financial DAO journey on the BSC testnet!
▶ First, make sure you have a metamask wallet.
▶ Next, launch INK beta and connect your wallet to the BSC testnet.
Check our guide to learn more.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

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