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Ink Finance Monthly Update
Ink Finance Monthly Update

DATE: 1pm | Oct. 20 | 2022 (UTC)

Theme: Ink Finance Monthly Update

AMA Process:

Segment 1: Questions Framework

Segment2: Twitter Questions

🕐Segment 1 | Questions Framework

1. Beta testing

  • How’s the Beta testing going?
  • How do community users earn more rewards?

2. BD progress

  • How many projects have we partnered with?
  • What projects are being discussed for partnership?

3. International Marketing Plan

  • What international market expansions are we currently undertaking and what are our goals? How will this be done?
  • We welcome the many incredibly talented members of our community to actively participate in our market development. (Kol promotions, writing articles about Ink Finance, & establishing a community around solutions Ink Finance can provide.)

4. Project in progress

  • Multichain Deployment ( ETH, AVAX(Avalanche), BSC)
  • Integration Module
  • Treasury Module
  • Community Module
  • Investment Module
  • Funding Module

Host Missy | Q1: Hi INKFi Fam. Today our old friend Camille, who is Head of BD and co-founder of Ink Finance, will update our community on what INK has been working on these past months as well as expanding on INK’s next upcoming steps in development. Welcome, Camille.

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Hello everyone. Nice to see you all again.

Host Missy | Q2: Let’s start! First, let’s talk about Beta testing. As many of you know, we just had our 4th round of Beta testing. Today Camille will share with us more details about the most recent round of testing.

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: We’re thrilled to inform you that our 4 beta testing events were held successfully! From the number of participants to the amazing rewards, here’s everything you need to know about the closed beta launch so far.

In INK’s beta testing phase, we offered INKR rewards to qualified participants. We got an outstanding number of submissions from over 200 community members and 147 of them earned 35000 INKR. Thank you all for your participation.

Many of you may be asking, how can you maximize your rewards?

As you know INKR is issued by INKER DAO. It’s a score badge. Soon, INKER will be able to exchange these for QUILL, which is the native token of Ink Finance. Please stay tuned on the Ink Finance and the INKER DAO Twitter feed to get updates on the latest events that can earn you INKR. The more INKR you earn the greater the rates you will have when redeeming them for QUILL.

Host Missy | Q3: Great sharing! Welcome to our new community members who have actively joined events. Next up, Camille will share with us some of the progress updates happening in INK BD.

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: So far we have partnered with many leading projects. Check out this list of some of the incredible partnerships INK has so far.

Ink Finance partners

Humanode: Humanode integrates crypto biometrics security into INK’s DAO governance platform. Humanode provides a biometric sign-in option for INK DAO members that combines both security biometrics & liveness detection.

Astra Protocol: Astra Protocol is a decentralized compliance Layer for the Web3 Economy. It is a proper regulatory compliance platform that can support DAOs on INK, allowing user protection and helping in the prevention of illicit activities.

deBridge: INK will utilize deBridge’s technology facilitates intra-DAO messaging for muti-chain DAOs.

Solv Protocol: INK collaborates on vesting voucher issuance with Solv. As a web3 saas built on blockchain, Ink Finance enables DAOs to issue, settle, and clear financial products. INK will support Solv and their metaverse partners in delivering structured products within Solv’s ecosystem.

Host Missy | Q4: Great, we believe that INK’s network of partners will only become more extensive as we progress into the future. Ok, next Camille will share with us a little bit about INK’s international marketing plan.

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Regarding international marketing, we are also branding in Korea , South America,Thailand, Turkey and in the European markets. We are currently building up local language regional communities.

We have established deep collaboration with Thai and South American local institutions and a series of marketing campaigns will be launched shortly.

International crypto users can learn more about INK from their own local media, KOL’s, and influencers. You will see multiple INK communities in different languages on both discord & telegram.

Host Missy | Q5: Can you share INK’s project roadmap?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Sure!

The Ink Finance Roadmap:

  • November 2022: INK released its Fund Management module with fully enabled identity verification
  • December 2022: INK beta went live on Solana & Polygon & its public token sale was completed via Reg-D/Reg-S
  • January 2023: INK released its Community Management module (implementing SBT)
  • February 2023: INK achieved full economic integration on all deployed testnets
  • March 2023: INK launched on the Avalanche mainnet

🕐Segment 2 | Twitter Questions

Twitter | Q1: Could you provide me with information about the profits that INK’s QUILL token holds? What other utilities do you expect to add by the end of this 2022 year? Finally, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages faced by investors and/or holders who buy QUILL token in the long term?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: These 4 pictures will help you understand the value of the QUILL token.

Ink Finance
Ink Finance

Twitter | Q2: Do QUILL token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Once you have QUILL, you can join an INK DAO by staking QUILL. Within the DAO project, QUILL holding members can also vote on the DAO’s proposals and even determine how to spend the DAO’s income.

Twitter | Q3: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve in the cryptocurrency market? Explain to us about that. I would appreciate it if you could share any upcoming updates with us.

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: If Web2 fintech reshaped financial products and services, then Web3 fintech will reshape financial organizations. Ink Finance positions itself as the financial management protocol serving decentralized organizations in the Web3 era. INK is a SaaS for economic and financial governance built on multiple blockchains. The necessity of an organization to go through a corporate banker for finance, or that a group of investors use an asset manager for coordinated investment, can now be removed. From metaverse platforms, gamefi organizations, and venture/angel asset managers, to real-world asset originators, all organizations can now govern their internal fiscal duties on-chain and tap external DeFi liquidities everywhere within the Ink Finance infrastructure.

The Vision of Ink Finance:

  • Our vision is a financial product supermarket where DeFi investors and a wide range of asset-originating organizations meet each other.
  • Our vision is that DAOs on INK can not only form and operate but also establish its reputation and financial competence.
  • Our vision is that DeFi investors can finance and share their growth with confidence by using transparent and easy-to-understand financial INK products.

Twitter | Q4: What is the most highlighted feature in your platform that makes it stand out in the market?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: In summary, Ink Finance is a next-generation DAO tooling platform that vertically and coherently integrates all the governance and financial functions on-chain, through a no-code experience.

Twitter | Q5: Is Ink Finance open for beginners or only for crypto experts?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: As long as you have a crypto wallet, you can use INK.

Twitter | Q6: How would you welcome non-crypto natives to explore your platform?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Our product provides a no-code experience for new users. Whether you are a DAO member or if you belong to a group that is looking to make its transition to a DAO, as long as you understand your organization’s needs, it will be easy for you to quickly pick up how to use the platform. If you are an individual user, I would initially suggest you have some basic knowledge about web3 so you can more clearly understand what INK can offer you and your communities.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

Learn more about Ink Finance and what we’re building:

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