Ink Finance Community AMA #2 Recap: Who are the users of Ink Finance (part1)

Gamefi and Metaverse use cases on Ink Finance

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4 min readJul 4, 2022


Who are the users of Ink Finance — — Gamefi & Metaverse Use Case

DATE: 1:00 pm, July 1st, UTC 2022

Theme: Ink Finance use case

AMA Process:

Segment1: Host introduces speaker;

Segment2: General Questions.

🕐 8:50 | Segment1: Countdown &Intro

Host | Missy: Let us welcome today’s Speaker Camille!

Hi Camille, we’re so happy to have you today! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Hello guys, it’s great to be here again. I’m Camille, the co-founder, and head of BD of Ink Finance. You can find me on Twitter, my account is @kangnizhang.

Last time we talked about defining what Ink Finance is and the many advantages INK provides to its users. So tonight, I want to talk about who INK’s users are and how INK empowers them with our ALMIGHTY DAO tools! :P

🕐 9:00–9:40 | Segment2: General questions

Host | Missy: 1. Who are the target users of Ink Finance?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: The target market of Ink Finance includes these 6 types of users:

1.Metaverse & Gamefi Ecosystems: Ink Finance can help ecosystems & guilds build up DAOs with different hierarchical levels & financialize their NFTs (such as gaming equip ment, avatars, etc);

2. Angel & Venture: Whether you are a traditional VC, angel investor, or a crypto fund manager, with Ink Finance’s DAO tool, you are able to democratize your investment and fundraising under dynamically changing regulatory requirements;

3. Crypto Asset Management: CeFi-based or DeFi crypto funds can use Ink Finance to conduct crypto asset management;

4. Real-world Fintech: INK’s DAO tools enable real-world assets to be traded in STO exchanges;

5. Liquidity Providers will be able to expand and reach more NFT-backed & structured products;

6. Retail Investors.

Host | Missy: 2. Can you elaborate more on what Ink Finance can do specifically for Metaverse & GameFi Ecos?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Ink Finance is a comprehensive financial DAO tool. INK is a SaaS that is built across multiple blockchain networks. Ink Finance enables Metaverse, GameFi players, game token owners, & NFT collectors to govern general in-game policies, manage treasuries, and raise funds within a comprehensive financial framework.

Metaverse and GameFi ecosystem DAOs are allowed to operate with their own tokens and tap multichain DeFi liquidity. All this and more! Packaged in a seamless no-code experience.

Host | Missy: 3. How do Metaverse and GameFi Ecos GOVERN through INK?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: First of all: When setting up, ecosystems have the flexibility to set up DAO governance structures with different hierarchical levels.

INK solves DAO problems & provides practical solutions that answer many pressing questions including:

  • How many departments can I or should I have in this DAO and what will they do?
  • What are my DAO’s working procedures?
  • How will my DAO be managed (via appointment or election?)
  • What is the voting mechanism?
  • etc.

Secondly, INK instantly helps DAOs set up treasury vaults and enables the DAO to manage income, and expenditures, raise funds, sell assets, and enable investment decisions to be made by legitimate managers.

Thirdly: Incorporate INK’s incredible stake-to-govern mechanism. Ink Finance provides customized staking contacts to implement governance economics. INK’s Staking Mechanism enables the ecosystem to build up their own DAO staking contract, using their own eco token to vote, govern, and earn emissions through daily activities.

Host | Missy: 4. How does Ink Finance empower metaverse and gamefi DAOs financially?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Through INK, a DAO won’t see themselves merely as users of an ecosystem; they will identify as an independent corporate investment bank & asset manager. Ink Finance can secure NFT assets from all the DAOs in the metaverse, build asset portfolios for sale, & raise funds from DeFi investors.

Metaverse and gamefi DAOs can build lease companies, land development banks, etc. That has all the proper risk management parameters such as:

  • enforcement
  • fundraising
  • conducting settlements and clearing financial products

Finally, Ink Finance is a multichain facility, so DAOs can reach liquidity not only from their own governing network but also from other chains.

Host | Missy: 5. How do I start a DAO with Ink Finance?

Speaker 🅥 | Camille: Metaverse and gamefi DAOs can either acquire and stake a certain amount of QUILL, which is Ink Finance’s token, in order to activate INK’s financial engines;

Another way is a Dao could use its own ecosystem token in order to rent an amount of QUILL from the INK DAO treasury.

Any QUILL holder can stake their QUILL in the created INK DAO to earn emissions.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a multi-chain infrastructure for financial-minded DAOs to construct and operate via a no-code experience, allowing them to issue, settle, and clear Non-fungible Financial Products, through a rigorous, transparent, and accountable process. As a Web3 SaaS, Ink Finance enables DAOs to establish their governance economy and competence, and to empower their growth via financial products.

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