Ink Finance Biweekly Report # 16

Highlights of Ink Finance over the past two weeks

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5 min readNov 25, 2022


November 2022 — Issue 16 (11.05–11.18)

Ink Finance Biweekly Report

Social Events

Ink Finance was invited to attend the Southern California Blockchain Conference. CEO Tony Tang talked about “Making a Better #metaverse” in the VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference with Thomas Vu (Co-founder Moon Holdings, Riot Games), Mathieu Nourareth (CEO, Sandbox US), Tatsuya Kohrogi (CSO, PlayMining) and TJ Kawamura (Co-Founder & CCO, Everyrealm)

At the panel, Tony expressed his concern on the sustainability of ‘play- to earn’. “Play is entertainment. Play-to-earn insinuates that play becomes work, which brings up the situation that players will dump the tokens for profits.” Tony’s advice to new builders and developers to get into web3 metaverse is “pay all your intention to the fun and entertainment itself. forget tokenomics and financialization, because there are plenty of existing facilities such as Ink Finance to help you achieve that. Give all your focus on designing the most entertaining and addictive experience, not because it is on blockchain, but because blockchain can maximize the value of such experience.”

Community Events

Ink Finance has hosted the “Talk to Team” program and received some fantastic questions from the community. We are so grateful for our high member Q&A engagement. This interactive approach brings the Ink Finance team and its community closer together. More and more loyal members are showing their passion for Ink Finance.

Korea Market Progress

We launched INK’s Korean marketing initiative and created a Korean discord channel for our Korean speaking supporters. INK’s Korean community members are continuing to grow steadily. Camille co-founder of Ink Finance was invited to do AMA in the lead communtiy. She introduced Ink Finance, our mission and purpose, and attracted many korean crypto users. Our Korean community support has translated key Ink Finance documents into Korean and has shared it with the bigger korean crypto community, which was viewed by over 3k members. Ink Finance continues to expand into international markets and in every new one INK becomes even stronger.
Ink Finance 한국 커뮤니티

Hot Blog Posts

The collapse of FTX showed the colossal damage that a centrally organized, opaquely disclosed, and reckless managed financial agent can do to the entire industry and society at large. The ingredients to the long-term legitimacy of on-chain finance are customizable, flexible, and specialized products that can be picked off-shelf and ready for end-to-end deployment, that brings professionalism, security, transparency, and adaptivity to regulatory oversight.
The financial DAOs of the future will need to use open source DeFi facilities as their transactional backbone, manage its fiscal and financial process with a transparent and on-chain executable financial control framework, and make themselves regulatory compliant when required.

Ink Finance is currently the most powerful fiscal and financial management tool for DAOs in the entire crypto space, and can meet the daily governance needs of small and loosely organized communities to large and professionally managed DAOs. This article explains the value and power of QUILL — Ink Finance’s platform token.

There are at least 4 key usages for QUILL:

  1. Governance capital
  2. DAO incubation capital
  3. Fee capture vehicle &
  4. Sponsor capital for income.
  • Treasury Management on Ink Finance
    Ink Finance’s all-in-one DAO infrastructure encompasses and integrates DAO creation, treasury operations, investment & funding, and community economy. This article explains every detail of INK’s Treasury Management functionalities through diagrams, visually guiding users through the platform step by step.

Product Development

  • Ink Finance expands onto the Polygon Network. Ink Finance users can start & organize their DAO now with lower gas fees & higher operational speeds on one of the most promising scaling solutions on Ethereum.
    Learn More: Click here
  • The treasury vaults (and all the UCVs) now support NFT storage and users can make NFT transactions and payments seamlessly on Ink Finance.

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About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

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