Ink Finance Beta testing Round 2 — Create DAO to earn

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3 min readAug 15, 2022


Ink Finance Beta testing Round 2 — Create DAO to earn
Ink Finance Beta testing Round 2 — Create DAO to earn

We are excited to announce that Ink Finance is ready for the second round of open beta testing — Create DAO to earn.

Any participant can create your DAO on Ink Finance to earn INKR Badge. For users who have discovered InkFinance vulnerabilities ( functional, visual, etc.) you’ll get additional rewards ranging from 10 -100 INKR Badge according to the impact of the bugs.

⏰ Event Duration: Aug. 15 — Aug. 27, 2022, UTC
🎁 Reward Pool: 35,000 INKR
🏆 Winner’s Reward: 250 INKR, First come First serve
💰 Reward Collect: We’ll remind you to collect your reward within 3work days after the event.

All INKR will eventually be converted into QUILL tokens. QUILL is the native token of Ink Finance.

How to participate?

Step 1: Connect MetaMask Wallet With Avalanche Testnet. If you don’t have AVAX in the AVALANCHE TESTNET, proceed to step 2

Step 2: Click the “Avalanche FUJI C-Chain” to get the test gas token.

Step 3: Choose your role “DAO Manager”

Step 4: Click “Create New DAO” on the left panel

Step 5: Fill in the form to submit your DAO name and feedback

Step 6: Share your DAO name in Telegram or Discord chat for an extra 50 INKR reward. 50 winners, first come first serve.

Complete the above steps, and please fill out this form: 👉Click here👈

Benefits of INKR

Governance: the right to make and vote on proposals;

Ranked member: as Inkers get more active, their accumulated INKRs will lift their rankings in the DAO, and gain them the associated rights, such as promotion to Community Manager, who might be entitled to periodic earnings

Incentives: based on the amount of INKR held, Inkers can obtain the corresponding reward quota of QUILL tokens (Ink Finance’s native tokens) from the incentive pool donated by the early contributors of Ink Finance. The distribution of the reward will consume the holders’ quota, but will not consume their INKRs; Incentive pool may also include other donated assets related to Ink Finance, which may require specific conditions of drawing from the pool such as participating in the public offering

Partnership incentives: access to the incentives offered by Ink Finance’s ecological partners to the INKER DAO members, such as subscription quota of their token offers or NFT airdrops or joint to the reputation investment partners’ syndicates

Others: various online and offline activities held by INKER DAO that feature NFT airdrop, souvenirs, gifts, etc.

To learn more about INKR, Check here: Announcement: INKER DAO On-Chain


🔹 INKR is not tradable and transferred. If you transfer INKR between wallets, your scores will NOT be redeemed into QUILL tokens!

🔹 Ink Finance reserves the right to define event parameters and have the final say in deciding the winners.

About Ink Finance

Ink Finance is a one-stop financial management toolset that empowers DAOs with governance economy, asset or credit financing, investment management, and fiscal control, integrated via a plug-and-play framework. It aims to establish a gold standard for DAO financial management that can reshape financial organizations of the Web3 era.

Learn more about Ink Finance and what we’re building:

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