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Ink Finance
5 min readJun 19, 2022


Ink Finance is a one-stop, easy-to-use comprehensive DAO tool, focused on financial governance. We enable Metaverse and Gamefi ecosystems to establish governance economies, manage internal finance and connect with DeFi investors everywhere.

Ink Finance was invited to attend the AMA of Crypto Hustle
Crypto Hustle AMA — Camille Zhang, Ink Finance Co-founder & Head of BD

Q1: What is Efficient DAO Economy and Financial Tooling?

Camille Zhang: Governance economy and token utility is the most essential part of a DAO’s sustainability. Any DAO on INK can simply plug their own token pool(s) into INK’s flexible staking and governance engine, which means through Ink Finance, DAO users can adopt their own token to stake and govern. Ink Finance helps DAOs to establish the governance utility of their own tokens. The more successful/popular the DAO is, the more desired the DAO token is on the market. We empower the DAOs’ own token to gain more value through its governance.

In the context of Ink Finance, we provide not only comprehensive treasury management tools for DAO’s internal operations, but also enable every DAO to borrow, fundraise, package portfolios, clear and settle, and all the subsequent operation control. We even support the merger and acquisition between DAOs.

Q2: Is it possible for INK's workspace to make easiness in choosing the features that they needed?

Camille Zhang: Definitely yes. INK is a template factory that caters to every type of DAO requirement. All you have to do is pick and click. No matter if you are an investment club, game guild, metaverse, crypto asset fund manager, real-world fintech, or regulatory-sensitive organization, we will construct an independent set of smart contracts that allow your DAO to manage under different environments.

Q3: What new moves are you taking to cross competitors in the market?

Camille Zhang: There are many good DAO tools in the market, but I would like to call them the 1st generation DAO builders. They are mostly only focusing on proposing and voting. But what to do after the vote? Some are using extensions that DAO managers need to know how to code to adopt or get from Github; some need to connect with external tools to make the execution. But Ink Finance will bring to the market a whole new experience for all the DAO users, it is an A-Z one-stop-shop. No more extensions for execution, no more tool shifting when you need cross-chain liquidity, and no more complex coding, these are the new experiences Ink Finance brings to the market. We call ourselves the 2nd generation of DAO tooling.

Q4: I see that @inkfinance is going on whitelist events. Can you talk to us about it, how can we get the whitelist?

Camille Zhang: We have successfully completed a few rounds of funding. Before listing to the top-tier exchange, we are expecting to launch a round of public offerings this autumn. Therefore, we launched a whitelist plan, whoever has completed tasks set for each round will receive rewards. You are all welcome to join our community https:/ /t.me/inkfinance_xyz, the administrator will introduce our whitelist rewards plan in detail.

Q5: What are the Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Targets of your project?

Camille Zhang: We have gained support from industry powerhouses such as Republic Crypto, Alliance (previously DeFi Alliance), Blizzard (Avalanche), and Polygon. We also have first-class DAOs, NFT financial liquidity providers, and real-world digital asset protocols signing on to use our facilities. We will roll out the first set of key functions on multi-chain for an open beta test shortly.

We will achieve mainnet multichain launch before the public sale of our native token, which is scheduled to be at the end of Sept. We will continue engaging a diversified top-grade DAO client portfolio and aim to reach 1M users by the end of this year.

Q6: Do you have An Ambassador Program available? If yes, how can I join it? And can you tell us what the benefit Available for the Ambassador?

Camille Zhang: We have not officially launched the ambassador program yet, but we welcome talented and influencers to march with us. We do have some bounty programs for contributors. If you are interested, please connect to our marketing team directly, their tg handle is @lindaxucrypto/ @Shatty_C/ @Alice828.

Q7: Can you share the Partnerships of your project and also about future partnerships?

Camille Zhang: Sure. We have in partnership with Humanode (for DAO member identity verification), SuperaOracle, PolyTrade (supply chain financing), Mirror World (Metaverse & Gamefi), Solv Protocol, CharmVerse, deBridge ( for cross-chain asset swap), BluBlock for BAYC licensing, DigiFT and HKbitEx for carbon credit financing. In the pipeline to be finalized: two major Film DAOs, several world-class gamefi and metaverse DAOs (each with 100k+ users), and numerous VC/Angel DAOs

Q8: During building your project, did you take into account community feedback and needs?

Camille Zhang: We are constantly consulting with our key backers and potential users. as far as our own community goes, the INKER DAO serves the purpose of providing feedback, and the DAO strongly welcomes all feedback.

Q9: COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Camille Zhang: No it doesn’t. Web3 is in its very early stage. The size and its reach are still small, and macro events that move the real world have relatively little effect on innovations in this sector. To a larger extent, decentralization should help mitigate risks that are imposed by the more traditional way of doing business and open up paths to more efficient ways of doing business — we see it as a rapidly developing trend despite a negative macro environment.

We are very much on track toward our mission, which is to provide the best financial management tools to empower DAOs. This is a wide and broad space in which both competition and opportunities are abundant. We are very well positioned.

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